AD #2992 – Detroit Auto Show Cancelled Again; Lordstown Claims 100K Pre-Orders; Ford Stops Manufacturing in Brazil

January 12th, 2021 at 11:54am

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Runtime: 9:00

0:07 Detroit Auto Show Cancelled Again
0:53 More EV Startups Consider a Reverse Merger
1:40 Lordstown Claims 100K Pre-Orders for Endurance Pickup
2:11 FCA Collaborating on VTOLs
4:02 Ford Stops Manufacturing in Brazil
5:00 North American Car, Truck & Utility of the Year Revealed
6:34 Sony Tests EV Prototype on Public Roads
7:21 Mobileye Eyes to Reduce AV Costs
8:04 Aptiv Announces Next-Gen ADAS Platform

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17 Comments to “AD #2992 – Detroit Auto Show Cancelled Again; Lordstown Claims 100K Pre-Orders; Ford Stops Manufacturing in Brazil”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I guessed two of the three NACTOY when we discussed it here a while back, Elantra and Mach-E. I guessed TRX, but the F-150 probably deserved it, because it was the only new vehicle of the three, with the other two being “specialty” versions of existing vehicles.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Canceling the autoshow 6 months in advance seems a bit premature. I’m sure it takes months to pull the show together but we also could have the ability to gather for such an event by June. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part and don’t want to start a debate but much of these precautions do little to stop the spread anyway. Plus they are pulling this Motor Bella together in a pretty short time. I wonder if they had more participants pull out of the event.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 Most predictions are that it will be near the end of 2021 before enough vaccinations will be done, etc. for “herd immunity” to exist. I suspect that is why they cancelled the June show, and are having the replacement show outdoors, and a little later.

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    I have hopes for Lordstown but they have scared investors off with their pre-order scheme. So many of these new EV start-ups rely on a page from the Tesla playbook and get preorders to give investors a warm fuzzy that people actually want what they are building.

    So last August, when Lordstown Motors said it held almost 40,000 pre-orders worth $40 billion, most investors understandably believed these were honest-to-goodness real automotive pre-orders.

    The difference is Lordstown Motors pre-order was just a letter and no deposit. Recently, Lordstown Motors has taken to describing these pre-orders as “non-binding production reservations.” This change in the wording is significant, and investors in RIDE stock ignore this at their own peril.

    So do they really have 100K pre-orders with deposits now or is it still a non-binding letter saying yeah I’m interested. No more committing than clicking a like button on Facebook?

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Of all the several pickup drivers I know where I spend summer up north, none seem to be anxiously waiting for an electric one. That is the case, even though most of these people rarely, or never take long trips in their trucks, and they live places where they could charge them at home.

  6. Rey Says:

    USA based legacy auto shrinking operations world wide, and Tesla and the Chinese BEV Auto Companies are expanding globally.

  7. cwolf Says:

    6) Rey, I wish it wasn’t true but you are 100% correct!
    Lets look what the Chinese owns:
    Geely owns;
    Polestar(daughter co. of Volvo)
    London Taxis
    Smart (joint venture w Diamler moving to China)

    SAIC owns:

    National Electric Vehicles Sweden(NEVS):

    Not to cause a problem, but I think this is a damn shame!

  8. Tom Cain Says:

    If Lordstown is pitching their truck to fleet operators, why does it have a crew cab? Seems to me that fleets would be far more interested in bed capacity.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Lordstown truck will have a governed top speed of 80 mph. They must not figure people will use them on the interstates much, given the speeds people go these days.


    9) I recently completed a trip from Chicago to Detroit. The drivers, particularly once I got into Michigan, were all at 85+ MPH. I was traveling at 85 and was one of the slowest cars on the road. I maybe passed one or two people who were doing 80MPH. I swear speeds on I-94 in Michigan are as fast as the average speeds I used to encounter on the German Autobahn when I lived there. I found the traffic in Chicago to be far more reasonable in speed then the drivers in Michigan on I-94. Particularly if they had out of state plates.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10. It’s like that on I-95 in Florida. It’s hell on gas mileage. My Camry hybrid gets barely over 40 mpg at 85 mph.

  12. Drew Says:

    @10 – I travel The I-94 corridor between SE and SW Michigan a lot. In my experience, the median speed is between 75 and 80 MPH… leaning more toward 80. Do so people drive 85 MPH or more? Sure, but they are the minority of the drivers. Just my observations.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12 What is the speed limit there? It’s 70 on the interstate where I am in Florida.

  14. Drew Says:

    @13 – 70. Northern Michigan has a 75 limit on some expressways.

  15. XA351GT Says:

    I’m currently driving a new Elantra as a rental while my car is in the body shop. It’s a okay car , but I find it hard to believe that there aren’t better more deserving cars out there for consideration.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 Vehicles have to be “new or substantially changed” to be eligible, and value is one of the attributes for selection of the winner. I suspect value was a big factor in the Elantra winning over the G80, which costs twice as much.

    As with all such awards, being “new or substantially changed” in a particular year is always a factor. There are weak and strong years, as far as vehicles new to the market.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15,16 With Car and Driver’s “10 best,” a previous year’s winner is eligible the next year, even though it is no longer “new,” allowing Accord, Cayman/Boxster and maybe others to repeat, even though not “new.” Maybe NACTOY should work that way.