AAH #35 – Anybody Can Make a Car!

December 11th, 2009 at 2:34pm

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The gang is back on home turf after a wild week in Los Angeles, and while the year is winding down, the news certainly is not. And, once again, GM is dominating the headlines as it continues to shuffle its management around with key figures leaving for “personal reasons.” Joining us as a guest panelist to share his years of auto industry expertise is Sandy Munro, a noted expert in design and the president of Munro & Associates. On board once again is Mr. Autoextremist, himself, Peter De Lorenzo and David Welch of BusinessWeek and Bloomberg News.

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4 Comments to “AAH #35 – Anybody Can Make a Car!”

  1. Gary Says:

    What a great guest a real nuts and bolts guy and adhesives. Its a pleasure to have someone with strong opinions and really knows knows his business. Like to see him back on the show. As always a pleasure to watch your show John.

  2. Bob Says:

    AAH #35 has a lot of great information, insightful discussion and was very enjoyable. Sandy Munro was an excellent choice for the guest. Thanks guys, Good job !!

  3. Sandy Munro Says:

    This is my first time on AAH so I read all the chatter here are my answers/comments to the questions for me:

    Q Does Sandy think Caddy needs a larger RWD car or can they get by with CTS variants?
    A Yes Caddy needs a larger RWD to compete

    Q I wonder what the largest surprises Sandy had when tearing a car apart.
    A We found a bunch of brown recluse spiders in a Ford Fusion. My guys wear gloves and carry Raid now. We also bought a zero miles Honda Pilot to tear down because a customer said the quality was so high. I was doing the breakaway torques on the seats. On the right side I needed a 3 foot helper bar but on the left side I got all prepared for gave a big yank on the first bolt and wound up kissing the floor and going to the hospital. Zero torque on every seat bolt; Scary.

    Q No fasteners??? No way
    A Yes way! When you challenge the norm you win. ie how many bolts to hold the exhaust manifold to the engine? None! But it takes years to wear down the norm. Check out Honda I4 GM V6 Chrysler V6

    Q No fasteners = dumb
    A Fasteners are poor quality drivers. 90% of all mechanical failures are a result of fasteners. It takes time and brains to get rid of them but it is worth it.
    Q OK I want THIS GUY for the CEO of GM
    A Can’t no MBA
    Q I think Sandy should have had a beer before the show. He’s really opening up now! Sam Adams all around!
    A You are correct!!! Good pick on the beer as well!
    I thought this was lots of fun. Thank you all for your kind comments. Let’s try to overcome the idiotic past and make things in the US that people love again. Screw China.

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