Spy Photo Quiz

December 16th, 2009 at 5:28pm


Can you name the real cars hidden by the camouflage and facades in these classic pics taken by master spy photographer Jim Dunne, our guest on Autoline After Hours, Thursday, Dec. 17th? Click the jump below to take the quiz and win a prize.

Click the images below for larger versions.

7 Comments to “Spy Photo Quiz”

  1. Syclone Says:

    Most likely, I got the first one wrong. The other two I have high confidence in. Now with the manufacturers showing the cars at auto shows two years before the product makes it to market, when we do see the spy shots, it is not quite as stimulating. Gotta love Jim Dunne; he is a master at his craft

  2. Gary Seguin Says:

    I was looking at the AUTOCAR website the other day and saw a writer named John McIlroy testing cars there. Which of you is the “evil” twin, and did you borrow your theme music from http://www.autocar.co.uk?

  3. jim little Says:

    Did Chrysler destroy all their production mules, or can this jeep prowler be seen. Maybe at the Chrysler Museum

  4. GJason Says:

    Two and three came to me pretty quickly, and I feel confident that I got at least the manufacturer on the first one. Great quiz!

  5. John Dinkel Says:

    A hotted up Fiat is an Abarth.

    A shrunken, cooled-off Aston is a Cygnet, based on a Toyota? Is this Aston Martin’s swan song?

  6. John Dinkel Says:

    I hope I’m not Dunned for these comments.

    I never tire of thinking up puns.
    I am never satisfied even when Dunne.
    I do them all in many tongues.
    I must be careful ‘tween Dunne and dung.

  7. Les Talcott Says:

    #1 Mustang
    #2 ’83 Corvette (the one they never sold) Camoflaged by Jim Ingle
    #3 Prowler