AAH #557 – Will EVs Have Hockey-Stick Growth?

May 20th, 2021 at 5:23pm

Listen to “AAH #557 – Will EVs Have Hockey-Stick Growth?” on Spreaker.

04:02 – Would Americans buy a Hong Guang mini EV?
14:36 – Will OEMs price themselves out of the market?
20:33 – Will OEMs become “tech” companies before tech companies become “OEMs”?
34:36 – Will EVs have hockey-stick growth?
54:27 – Gen Y & the car market

Eric Noble,
The CARLAB; Sam Fiorani, AutoForecast Solutions; Gary Vasilash, on Automotive; John McElroy, Autoline.tv

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2 Comments to “AAH #557 – Will EVs Have Hockey-Stick Growth?”

  1. George Ricci Says:

    Eric Noble said that there is NO infrastructure problem for EV’s. He is missing several issues.

    People who live in an apartment or condo with NO garage do not have convent place to charge.

    During holidays when there are a lot of people on the road, charging facilities are overwhelmed with people charging and long lines of people waiting to charge.

    Nine EV PU trucks will be available by 2023. Unfortunately, all the charging facilities that I have seen are NOT capable of charging a PU truck with a trailer attached. No one is talking about this problem!

    The idea that everyone will charge their EV at night is going to have to change because very little renewable energy is generated at night. We are going to need to shift a lot of our electric needs to morning hours (2 hour after sun rise) through 1 or 2 PM. This time period is where lots of renewable energy can be generated and power loads are low compared to late afternoon and early evening.

    He also said that electric motors do not need development, it’s the batteries that need the development. Here again he is missing several issues.

    Most of the EV motors are permanent magnet based that use rare earth materials which are expensive and can easily be geographically constrained. Lots of deployment work is going on to move away from the rare earth materials.

    To increase the range of an EV, you have to work on improving efficiency in every component. Look at what Tesla has done with their electric motors and drive electronics compared to Audi. On the model 3, Tesla is getting 24 to 30 kWh/100 mi and Audi e-tron is getting 43 kWh/100 mi. The Tesla is significantly more efficient.

  2. Nate Says:

    Wow, your guest Eric Noble is probably the biggest douche I’ve ever seen on your show, and I’m including Trevor Milton when he was on a few months ago.