AD #3157 – Toyota Says 3 HEVs = 1 BEV; Tesla Getting Into the Utility Business; Toyota Corolla Cross Impressions

September 9th, 2021 at 11:47am

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Runtime: 10:43

0:07 Tesla Getting Into the Utility Business
0:52 Ford Throwing In Towel on India
1:38 Renault Could End Chinese Van Joint Venture
2:11 Toyota Says 3 HEVs = 1 BEV
3:59 Genesis Gives the G80 RWS
4:33 Ford Teases Next-Gen Ranger
5:09 BMW to Enter IMSA’s LMDh Category
5:53 Mercedes-AMG Project One Going Racing?
7:24 Toyota Corolla Cross Impressions

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34 Comments to “AD #3157 – Toyota Says 3 HEVs = 1 BEV; Tesla Getting Into the Utility Business; Toyota Corolla Cross Impressions”

  1. Roger T Says:

    Corolla Cross seems completely redundant in Toyota’s lineup. Why would anyone choose a RAV-4 now?

  2. Norm T Says:

    Toyota won’t be able to sell their ice propelled hybrids in most areas by 2035.

  3. Rey Says:

    Tesla Inc. Is more than cars, it us also a Software , thru Autobidder it can trade Energy in the market, in the future it will have MegaPacks and PowerWalls ( MicroGrids) storing Electric Energy , buy low sell high, and balance the Grid, this is needed as we transist into BEVs, their Autobbider Software help make blackouts less frequent,as Elon has said ” If Tesla executes well it could ge a $3000,/ share co., its a long shot, but whoever dreamed TSLA would reach $700+ , oh it has split as well.

  4. Rey Says:

    #2 maybe only in developing countries where they dont have the Electric infras, and even there they are going Solar and Wind, seen it with my eyes.Toyota is late to the BEV party.they put the bet on the wrong horse = FOOLCELLs.

  5. Rey Says:

    Ford and GM has left most of the Asian countries,both in maufacturing and sales,bthe Chinese auto co.s are taking their place, slowly but surely,GM sold its Thailand assembly plant to a Chinese auto co last two years,and India to, and gone from Europe for 8 years?

  6. Lambo2015 Says:

    Not sure I would say Tesla “disrupted” the auto industry as much as took advantage of an up and coming technology and showed the traditional automakers how to make an EV appealing. 1% of the market is reason enough to raise an eye but not exactly disrupting. More of a good kick in the pants.
    I would see this home energy storage solution being more concerning for the utility companies and has many advantages.

  7. Ron Paris Says:

    So Sean, what IS Mazda going to build in its joint venture facility in Alabama???

  8. cozy cole Says:

    Hi Sean, I believe the Rav4 has the same cladding on the sides and I was thinking that if the cladding is there to protect your paint, then why leave a gap!

  9. Rey Says:

    With the price of gas and diesel going only up and Solar and Distributed Electricity becoming more common,ICE sales will shrink more and more and new ICE will find less homes, and even used ones less desirable,unless its a Ferarri or a Mclaren or some collectible, Legacy auto will have to do a tightrope act to stay in BZNZ, not to mention the coming tzunami of Chinese BEVs.

  10. Rey Says:

    Tesla has been in the utility business for sometime now , first was the Aussie Hornsdale giant battery ,and Hawaii, then the UK where Autobidder was launched, and has been in Calif for about 1.5 years and now Texas, and just recently in Japan,and small operations in American Samoas and the Mindoros in the Philippines , Most of these are Solar and or Wind and balancing the Grid ,proving the instantaneous response of Batteries and Software and with the new AI program predict Energy needs .

  11. Kevin A Says:

    Rey, There is also a case to be made for exactly the opposite. Many Americans are digging in against change and will give up their ICEs at the same time they give up their guns. Hybrids are the best you can expect them to go for. Also, nationalism and growing awareness of the pollution caused by shipping heavy goods from far away may result in Chinese BEVs never coming to the US, unless the Chinese build them locally. Time and actual buyers will decide, not your or I

  12. Kevin A Says:

    Sean, I like the Corolla Cross, even if it is just a marketing exercise. Lots of Corolla owners keep buying them due to their reliability, even though they would rather have an SUV. They almost see Corolla as a brand. If this model gives Corolla reliability, the Corolla drivers will be able to go to an SUV and still feel secure that they are driving a Corolla.

  13. Lambo2015 Says:

    The Toyota logic is hugely flawed. They first say that three hybrids can reduce emissions as much as one BEV. I’m assuming compared to an ICE vehicle. Which means if an ICE expels 100ppm of Co2 and a Hybrid expelled 80ppm and a BEV expels 40ppm.
    So a single hybrid reduces emissions by 20ppm and the BEV cuts emissions by 40ppm and three Hybrids (3×20) would reduce emissions by 60 ppm getting you to the same number as a BEV of 40.

    Then they say they do it a lower cost? Yea maybe per vehicle but Im pretty sure you can buy a BEV for less than 3 HBEVs.

    So I agree with their logic that selling 18.1 Million HBEVs is equivalent to 5.5 Million BEVs when speaking of “reduced” emissions. They cut out the same amount but that still means the 15.1M HBEV emitting 80ppm created = 1.5B ppm
    5.5M BEV emitted 40ppm created = 220M

    Obviously IDK the exact ppm number and 100 was just chosen to make a point. Am I seeing this wrong?

  14. Kevin A Says:

    Re: Ford and India. I wish Ford would decide whether it wants to be a low-cost manufacturer or a high-margin premium brand. Doing neither well is not working out for them. I feel the same about Chevrolet. Going upmarket just killed Pontiac and Oldsmobile without being able to hold onto the volume at the bottom end of the market. The volume from the cheaper products is what made the upmarket brands profitable in the first place.

  15. Kevin A Says:

    Re: Toyota’s hybrid logic. If they think that way, why do they make any non-hybrid ICEs anyway? If they didn’t tell you it was a hybrid, most buyers wouldn’t notice. They buyer would only see that they were getting better gas mileage. Oh, right. That is what the Venza is supposed to prove.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 People would chose the RAV4 because it has more room, and because it is available as a hybrid which would get much better mpg than the ‘Cross. Also, for the CVT haters, the non-hybrid RAV has a regular 8-speed automatic.

  17. Rey Says:

    #11 Kevin please Google Michael Dunne of ZOZOGO,a frequent Autoline guest ,Dunne is a Chinese Auto ind,expert who has lived in China, and knows something more than most,he says the Chinese are here, I know for a fact that they bought a lot of real estate and co.s in the Midwest during the great recession, They will build factories just as the Japanese and later the SKoreans have, and We the North Americans will welcome them as they open factoriesassembly plants and hire people,And the World keeps turning, You really think nobody bought Korean cars when they first came? ” If the Price is right…….”Go see Walkabout Rojo in China, in Youtube, he shows and testdrives local made cars and goes to Chinese Auto Shows.Open your eyes and ears and explore the World thru YouTube, its free.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 The Venza and Sienna are hybrid only.

    They make hybrid and non-hybrid Camrys, RAV4s, Highlanders, and Corollas so they can sell lower priced versions, because some people want more power (V6 Camry and Highlander), some people don’t want anything the least bit “alternative,” and some people like some jerkiness with a regular automatic transmission.

    I like Toyota hybrids because of the mpg, reliability, smoothness, and the extreme mechanical simplicity of the powertrain. The big hole in their hybrid lineup is the lack of a Camry wagon or hatchback. Also, they don’t sell the FWD RAV4 hybrid in the U.S., only the AWD version.

  19. ChuckGrenci Says:

    @ Kit, From Rick Conti YouTube; C8 production has started. Also, Build and Price is available NOW; it was slated to begin 9/14 (I just did a build and price so I can confirm it is ‘live’).

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 Thanks. I’ll check out the Build and Price, and see if there is anything I’d want to change, if it’s not too late.

  21. GM Veteran Says:

    Toyota: a company that realizes it is two years behind their major competitors on BEVs and is trying to sell what they have in their cupboard.

    Tesla: sounds like Enron to me. Watch out Texas!

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Does Ford still build the EchoSport in India for the US and other markets, or has production moved?

  23. Lambo2015 Says:

    20 Kit here is a summary of the 2022 changes.
    Looks like some fuel delivery changes and paint color reduction and additions.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23 Thanks. I hope they didn’t break anything with the fuel delivery changes. I might like the new orange, but on someone else’s car. I’ll stay with Elkhart Lake Blue.

  25. Bob Wilson Says:

    I traded in a 2017 Prius Prime, 16,000 miles, and got $18,300 for a new 2019 Std Rng Plus Model 3 that only cost $24,000 after the trade. Reports are Toyotas are one the most popular trade-ins for Teslas (

    We kept our 2014 BMW i3-REx with 72 mi EV range. The Prius Prime 25 mi EV range became ‘driveway art.’ Worse, the Prime control laws turned on the engine too often below 55 F. In contrast, the BMW i3-REx only turned on the engine when the battery SOC was ~5% even in freezing weather.

    Toyota is paying their managers and engineers three times too much,

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25 Yeah, the i3 REx is an electric car with a gas powered generator to extend range, while a Prius Prime gets only about a third of its maximum power from electricity, even with a full battery. Most plug-in hybrids are that way, the late Chevy Volt an exeption, putting all of its power to the ground via electric motor.

  27. Rey Says:

    #21 GM vet, You are totally clueless how far ehind Toyota is in BEVs, more like 5-6 years, they are still playing with FCVs thinking that that car will Lease, they dont even sell that Mira as nobody in their right mind will buy a car that you can’t refuel anywhere like a BEV, last time I looked nobody makes a gizmo to make Hydrogen from the wall outlet, And Tesla already has Massive battery storage systems called MegaPacks in Calif and has installed the 2nd Battery Storage in Autralia, You calling Tesla Enron shows how clueless you Detroit Dinosaurs are,E,on and Tesla will go into history as aomebody who changed America and challenged the establishments ,

  28. Rey Says:

    #21 Gm vet,:Totally clueless how the Utilities and Energy market works are you? And Toyota is not 2-3 years behind in BEV technology , 9therwise they would have at least one pure Electric product in North America ,they are at least 5-6 years behind compared to Tesla ,even GM and Ford and VW is ahead of them by years. Go read Electrek, and Inside EVs to get a clue.

  29. Rey Says:

    #25Bob Wilson the only person in this comment forum who knows what is going on when it comes to BEVs and the changing Auto World,all others are like ostriches hiding their head in the sand, I guess that’s what happens when mostly old timers are here.

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27 BEV powertrains are simple, much more so than hybrids. The thing with Toyota, is do they have sources lined up for batteries when they want to do BEVs? For now, Toyota is ok to let everyone else fight it out for the 1 percent non-Tesla BEV market share.


    28) If you choose to listen, The fact is everyone on here has stated that they like electric cars. They have also stated that there are some obvious flaws to the current offerings that have to be overcome for wider adoption. The least of which is cost. It is possible to both like electric cars and admit that there are still challenges preventing widespread adoption. If you can’t admit that, then you are the one who has buried their head in the sand.

  32. Rey Says:

    #30 , Tesla is showing the way forward , they lead , others follow , offered to share their charging network, nobody bit and a recent trip by VW boss Herbert Diess shows how superior the Tesla SC network is compared to Ionity , the charging system VW funds in Europe. GMs Bolt are all being recalled every single one made, and looks like there’s no definite time when they are going to be fixed.
    You’re kind of thinking is what got Detroit into financial trouble, keep making and selling junk that they know how to make ,because making other types of cars are not profitable, Yeah keep your head in the sand , the Chinese BEVs will come and bury Detroit, If they dont buy it.


    31) I literally said nothing about what you responded to. That was the voices in your head talking.

  34. Lambo2015 Says:

    30-32 If that doesn’t prove Rey is Larry using his favorite “bury your head in the sand response”. LOL Also fails to comprehend what other have wrote here. As Merkur reiterated, that no one is against EVs, but have enough common sense to see the shortcomings currently and like 98% of the car buying public are not ready to run out and go buy an EV cause its the new thing. It also has to preform to a level that makes sense.
    GM and Ford have introduced just enough BEVs to support the 2.3% market. Yeah they are behind Tesla as Tesla is only a BEV manufacturer. Tesla doesn’t have to worry about supporting any ICE customers for the next ten or so years.
    Its much easier to be focused on the new tech and lead the way. Being happy with 1 or 2% of the US market. If GM came out tomorrow and said they were done with ICEs in 2022 and all 2023 models would be BEVs they would go bankrupt. The demand isn’t there to support a complete switch yet. And its not because of lack of products. Its a lack of buyers.