AD #3174 – VW ID. LIFE Design & Packaging Details; Car Sales Near Great Recession Levels; Ford & GM Settle Lawsuit

October 4th, 2021 at 11:57am

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Runtime: 9:11

0:08 Car Sales Near Great Recession Levels
0:37 Tesla Posts Impressive Sales
1:26 Toyota Outselling GM In 2021
2:30 More And More Consumers Ordering New Cars
3:48 VW ID. LIFE Design & Packaging Details
5:27 Rivian Lost $1 Billion Ramping Up Production
6:20 Mercedes Set to Kick Off eActros Production
6:57 Great Wall Motors May Take Over Nissan Plant in Spain
7:33 Ford & GM Settle Lawsuit Over BlueCruise Name
8:07 GM Secures Silicon Carbide Supply

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28 Comments to “AD #3174 – VW ID. LIFE Design & Packaging Details; Car Sales Near Great Recession Levels; Ford & GM Settle Lawsuit”

  1. Rey Says:

    Tesla produced record levels despite chip and supply hurdles , GM production is what 30% down? Ford announcing Tennessee and Kentucky factories for BEVs and the stock goes up? Ford making plans to finally / eventually go Electric? Looks .ike Ford got hit by Lightning, Pun intended, Come to Elon moment . LOL maybe Ford will save itself yet, GM ? They can’t even get the Bolt fiasco right, many of the Bolt owners say it will be their last GM car.

  2. Norm T Says:

    GM made $8,000 more per transaction compared to this time last year.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I hope Toyota will take note that people are wanting to order cars, to get a color other than black, white, or grey. The last I knew, it was impossible to order a Toyota, even one assembled in Kentucky.

  4. GM Veteran Says:

    1 Funny, I have heard a number of Tesla owners say the same thing after feeling deceived and ripped off by the company and some of their “not quite ready for prime time” vehicle features.

  5. Alex Borenstein Says:

    Tesla produced record levels despite chip and supply hurdles, Subaru production plunged 30% and Nissan was off almost 28%. Ford announcing Tennessee and Kentucky factories for BEVs and the stock goes up? Ford making plans to finally / eventually go Electric? Looks like Ford got hit by Lightning, Pun intended. LOL maybe Ford will save itself yet, Subaru or Nissan?

  6. Victor West Says:

    We were in Vienna Austria. 1.5 million pop and thousands of cars street parked by apartments. If government makes us electrify, many many people will be unable to have personal cars. No way to recharge onscreen by the thousands.

  7. Victor West Says:

    Also in Vienna I saw what we called a Dodge Magnum badged as a Chrysler.

  8. GM Veteran Says:

    The lack of color variety at dealerships isn’t all their fault. I recently checked out the new Grand Cherokee L online and was dismayed to find only six exterior colors available. The wildest one was a nice dark red. Other than that? White, Black, and three shades of gray. Boring!

    And, White was the only color that did not come at extra cost. This is another money-making tactic of OEMs. At an increasing number of brands, if you want something other than White you are going to pay another $300 or more.

  9. Victor West Says:

    That on street recharge

  10. GM Veteran Says:

    8 Cadillac being an exception. Silver is the only no-cost color. They offer a nice selection of six other colors at $625 each, and two (red and white) at $1,225! This is starting to rival destination charges as OEM’s favorite way to make extra money.

  11. Rey Says:

    #4 GM VERGE can’t even make an ICE car or truck without a major recall ,you expect them to make BEVs without recalls?, this is the 3rd recall of the Bolt , right? And a stop sell ,right?
    Tesla has the best ” Would buy again” response according to JD Powers, and the fan base is expanding, Gsm Dolt? It’s the butt of jokes in YouTube, why don’t you Google it.

  12. Albemarle Says:

    The VW ID LIFE (thank goodness I have caps lock) seems very similar to the cute little Honda EV. Maybe it’s a styling trend that will gain popularity. Nice change from the usual massively folded sheet metal with no rear visibility.

  13. Rey Says:

    #11 GM vet

  14. Albemarle Says:

    We live in a small city and almost always we would have to order the car to get what we wanted. I have always felt the colour options from the manufacturer was the issue, but if most cars are sold off the lot then dealer colour choice would also be a consideration. I love how BMW can have 8 versions of black. It’s for the big city types who must have black to match their clothes but want to be different. ‘Anthracite’, you wild and crazy guy!

  15. Rey Says:

    As Legacy Auto recedes Chinese Auto Co.s will take over, just like in Fremont with Tesla, and GM in Thailand, they sold that factory to the Chinese, and in India a factory has been abandoned by GM as well.GM will shrink like a violet,
    In other news, VWs CEO Herbert Diess said ICE factories have to be demolished to make way for BEV factories, as in built from scratch, He is afraid they might not be able to compete vs Tesla Giga Berlin, look up the news in one of the EV Publications

  16. Mac Says:

    GM and Ford better figure out how to build some vehicles they can sell right now, because all their vaunted EV plans may go up in smoke if they don’t have sufficient revenue to keep the doors open while they build all the needed infrastructure to produce those very same EVs. Have watched far too many companies over the past few decades go belly-up while looking to the future and yet failing to see the quicksand into which they were about to step.

  17. Rey Says:

    #16 Mac, couldn’t have said it better myself, maybe that is why the Tenn/ Kentucky factory announcement by Ford, the meeting on the proposed land was a biggie, but getting there will be another story.

  18. Albemarle Says:

    Google it? No thanks. Too busy enjoying Autoline and their related show comments. Thanks to John, Sean & all the team.

  19. Rey Says:

    #2 Norm, you can’t sell what you dont have, across from Costco near me in Oshawa ,Canada,there is hardly any car , or truck, that lot is usually full, it is a GM dealer, the Chip and parts shortages is acute.

  20. Sean Wagner Says:

    WV ID.LIFE – I think that announcement remains subject to change – the EV space is rotating faster and faster. It does remind me of the WWII-vintage Kübelwagen, though (also built by Volkswagen).

    Herbert Diess had a little get together with his top managers a couple of days ago, and he is reported to have said the VW Corporation needed to shape up so it could compete with Tesla’s German factory and Chinese companies’ successes. (Seems it takes a lot longer to build an ID.3 than a Model 3.)

    He wants to radically upgrade Wolfsburg, VW’s original factory town.

  21. Rey Says:

    The Great Wall offer? Consider it the first shot across the ocean if approved by the Europeans, North America will be 3 years down the road,BYD buses are already being assembled Stateside, and FoxCon already waving the offer to Lordstown.

  22. cwolf Says:

    I just picked up a Mustang Mach-E catalog from the dealer. There are 10 exterior colors offered, but Henry Ford said it best when it comes to interior colors. You can have any color you want, … as long as it’s black. All models have Onyx black, except for the premium model. It’s second offering is Light Space Gray.
    How boring!

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I drove through the local Ford place yesterday, and they had two new vehicles, a Mach-E and a Bronco. Neither was cheap, the Bronco near $40K, and the Mach-E GT about $68K. I liked the colors, metallic red on the Mach-E, and light blue-grey on the Bronco. Of course, both had black interiors.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 Could the ID.LIFE have that name because it has LiFePO4 batteries, often called LIFE batteries, at least by model airplane flyers?

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 For now, GM and Ford are making money selling big pickup trucks and SUVs, at least they were until production losses due to covid and chip shortages. They need to take advantage of those cash cows, while they can.

  26. Sean Wagner Says:

    24 Interesting! I just skimmed the relevant press releases and couldn’t find any clue to the name, but it certainly makes sense.

    I found a site over the weekend that might interest you:

  27. Sean Wagner Says:

    I discovered the site by way of searching for flat 12-cylinder engines. It’s a treasure trove.

    From Duesenberg aircraft engines to the Bugatti 100P racer (obviously the reason why Nazi Germany invaded – in order to retain the air speed record).

    “Both Pozzoli and Jones offered the 100P to French museums but were turned down.”

    Shades of Otto Aviation’s electric Celera 500L:

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    26 A lot of interesting stuff there. I remember hearing about some of the aero engines that never “made it,” like the Allison X24.