AD #3177 – C-Clamp Design Makes Pickups Look Tough; Value of Content Comparison; Dealer Inventory Expensive

October 7th, 2021 at 11:42am

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Runtime: 7:02

0:07 Value of Content Comparison
0:56 Dealer Inventory Expensive
1:59 Nissan Adopts GT-R Production Technique for Altima
2:42 New Material Reveals What’s Behind It
4:33 Which Carmakers Will Do Best Between Now & 2023?
5:49 C-Clamp Design Cue Makes Pickups Look Tough

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17 Comments to “AD #3177 – C-Clamp Design Makes Pickups Look Tough; Value of Content Comparison; Dealer Inventory Expensive”

  1. Rey Says:

    Tesla invest early on as much as they could spare, and more, the reason why no profits for years, but now the fruits are showing, no ICE sales to kill , no ICE tooling to get outraged, new process of building , like MegaCast, and the space age metallurgy to make use of that machinery, the best Hardware & Software developers , Engineers money can buy for FSD and A/V development, getting into partnerships with the best battery researchers like Jeff Dahn.Hey, I’m just a fanboy like most of the commenters here will say, and even teardown expert Sandy Munro is not that smart or knowledgable as some here say.yeah some even say he is a Tesla fanboy. Go figure

  2. Rey Says:

    Ford will do well with it Maverick,and if they can deliver on that E150 Lightning at a very reasonable price and volume they might have two homeruns, of course Tesla has no Dealers and hardly any cars sitting in the carlots like traditional legacy auto companies, most of their cars are soldout into the Spring of 2022, so no inventory to worry about.
    And people said Battery Electric cars are Golf carts and will never sell, well now they are all playing follow the leader,and now GM is going to have its own self driving cars.

  3. Rey Says:

    Teslas cars are the longest in the tooth,the mods and X are over 8 and 5 years in body style, oldest probably in the mass market auto world, even the latest refresh of mod S didnt change much externally, but it is still selling, and there’s still nothing that can touch it in the dragstrip,unless it is a 2 million dollar 2 seat Rimac, oh a stock Plaid mod S had one of the best Nur’ ring times,not bad for 4 door sedan, a $150,000 bone stock car,aint it grand to be an American made car company that happens to make all electric cars?,Eh , sorry Im Canadian ,eh.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Maverick platform might be a good basis for a hybrid minivan, to compete with the new Sienna. Maverick has the same wheelbase and height as the Sienna, and width within an inch.

  5. Alex Borenstein Says:

    I really love electric cars.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Electric cars had about 40% market share in 1910.

  7. Rey Says:

    #6 lithium batteries started to become a commodity with the advent of portable Pcs and laptops,and it took a company and a man with a vision and a plan to turn those batteries into a BEV, A Pricey one, and be made fun of like in Top Gear in BEV publications there are still doubters and trolls , Even as i and others make comments.
    The Maverick while being a efficient car come pickup and well engineered is a stopgap with its ICE powertrain , I guess it’s too much to make it a plugin like a Toyota Prime with 40 miles of range, i wont be surpised if Toyota cuts the back off off a Rav 4 Prime graft an tailgate to it, call it Fj 4.5, – 4 feet and half a foot,exactly as a Mavs bed.

  8. Kevin A Says:

    Rey, No Canadian would believe you are a Canadian, no matter how many ‘eh’s you use. No Canadian says ‘as many others say’. Only Trumpers say that. No Canadian talks about something that MIGHT happen in the future as if it was already a fact. And no Canadian talks as much as you. We mostly listen.

  9. GM Veteran Says:

    7 – I agree completely. Mr. Eberhard and Mr. Tarpenning were true visionaries. And with the engineering brilliance of J.B Straubel, Tesla has quite a few impressive accomplishments to its credit.

  10. Rey Says:

    #9 while those two were the original founders they had no cash, no money no company would have made it to even the first step on the ladder , and many sleepless nights on the factory floor and getting investors to believe in the dream, oh yeah, close you eyes to that, now Your friend Mary Barra has a dream, no make that had a dream, a dream with dancing with Trevor Milton and his FOOLCELL trucking company and Badger FOOLCELL pickup that GM was going to build.

  11. Rey Says:

    #8 huh?

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11,8. “Rey,”even though aspects of your story have changed, there are several indications that you are someone who used a different handle here, and did not live in Canada, or mention being a Canadian citizen. Yeah, it is difficult for us to know for sure.

  13. Rey Says:

    #12 kit, not sure who you confuse me with ,or who this Larry guy is , like I said I’ve been to Michigan once only, Calif for a year in East L A 1985,and have live in Oshawa “the Town GM built” for over 20 years, Toronto and all of the GTA has done well, in my neighborhood there are at least 4 Teslas from a MD S ,X several mod3 and at least 3 mod Y , BMWs and Audis and Mercedes very common, pickups every where, gas is today $1,42 / liter as I type, they say it might go to $1.50,and on am 680 radio one guy called in & said $140 to fillup his truck talk show host guessed $120, I guess you guys are blessed with low gas prices.Now imagine paying 10 cents more per liter for Super/ Premium gas

  14. Rey Says:

    About gas prices gas is cheapest in Costco , today @ 1.34/ ltr, always cheaper than other stations by 6 cents , no lineup here in Oshawa,, in Ajax Costco same price 15 minute lines, Warden Costco is 10 cents cheaper than normal gas stations but 30 minutes lines, this to save about $10/tank, for big SUV pickup,my Honda CRV is $6 saving over ESSO or Shell, my point is Electric is @ least half or more less in dollars for Electric over gas , most Tesla owners tell me about $20 for Fillup my Honda 55 ltr @ least$70

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11,8. “Rey,” even though aspects of the posted story have changed, there are several indications that you are someone who used a different handle here, and did not live in Canada, or mention being a Canadian citizen. Yeah, it is difficult for us to know for sure.

  16. Sean Wagner Says:

    The imitation leather that allows for underside lighting certainly looks nifty in those touch-based applications.

    I do like it when my digits find some kind of purchase or at least haptic feedback. It’s cheaper to do completely without buttons and knobs or wheels, of course.

    I’m glad some engineering improvements continue to find their way into internal combustion engines.

    15 Kit – To continue from a few days back where I was expounding on the possible benefits of series hybrids in trucks/for towing, it doesn’t have to be about the best possible fuel economy.

    I think being able to design the engine+generator for a clearly defined power/rpm band while leveraging an otherwise fully-electric drive might be an attractive proposition.

    Nissan may have optimized their solution for parameters that create no compelling reason to build/buy.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 Makes sense about series hybrids. I’ve tried to find actual fuel economy information about the Nissans, with no luck, but I suspect they do pretty well in urban/stop-and-go driving which would be most driving for many people in Japan, where they are sold.