AD #3211 – Ford Reveals New Ranger; Tesla Racks Up Cybertruck Reservations; FCA Accuses GM of Corporate Espionage

November 24th, 2021 at 11:44am

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Runtime: 10:28

0:08 VW CEO’s Job Status Still Up in The Air
0:56 Tesla German Workers Plan to Form Works Council
1:43 Chrysler Accuses GM of Corporate Espionage
3:32 Ford Reveals All-New Global Ranger
4:48 Stellantis Updates EVs To Eke Out More Miles
5:39 BMW M Brand Nearly 50 Years Old
7:05 Yanfeng Unveils New Integrated Infotainment Screen
7:37 Tesla Racks Up Over 1.2 Million Cybertruck Reservations
8:27 Mercedes Reveals EQB Pricing in Europe

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32 Comments to “AD #3211 – Ford Reveals New Ranger; Tesla Racks Up Cybertruck Reservations; FCA Accuses GM of Corporate Espionage”

  1. MJB Says:

    Completely off-topic, but I saw my first Maybach GLS SUV a couple days ago driving around town in a nice, deep, dark Boston Baked Bean sort of color. I was quite impressed. That thing’s got great road presence. Much more so than the (1st gen.) Bentley Bentayga, anyway.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Sean; Wouldn’t corporate espionage only apply to product planning, design and manufacturing? Hiring an investigative team to looking into (criminal) wrong doing and off-shore accounts doesn’t seem to have the same intent as digging into what might be considered proprietary designs or manufacturing methods? Please continue to follow this.

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    Missing out on 80 Billion in sales by pushing your production date out a year seems like a huge fail. It would be nice to see a breakdown of those 1.2M reservations by country.

    If Tesla can make half of the pre orders per year they may just knock Ford off the top spot as best selling truck. I wonder what their planned annual production will be.

  4. ChuckGrenci Says:

    2, Lambo, you reasoning sounds sound (espionage comment); I, also will be following this story as it germinates.

    Happy Thanksgiving all; hoping everyone the best.

  5. Bob Wilson Says:

    Perhaps GM did lead the EV revolution. As covered in “Who Killed the Electric Car,” GM made the EV1 and then crushed them. This inspired the Tesla founders who picked up the EV mantle that GM walked away from. The rest is history.

  6. George Ricci Says:

    Really, 1.2 million reservations for the Cybertruck? Tesla’s designer did a great job on the model S, so so on the Model X and a good job on the 3 and Y, but on trucks he has no clue. When you design a vehicle its important to not make the same mistakes that others have made in the past.

    The first Honda Ridgeline has large rear quarter sail panels. Owners hated them as it precluded them from reaching over over the side to get something out of the bed.
    DeLorean used stainless steel panels which turned out to be a big problem. If they get scratched of dented you can NOT repair them. On a scratch, it was thought you could sand it out. You end up with a splotch, because the area sanded does not have the same graining as the rest of the panel. I know during the intro for the Cybertruck they hit in the middle of a panel with a mallet and it did not dent. If you hit on a crease or the edge of panel it will dent. How do you fix it. You don’t, you have to replace the panel. If the truck is a couple of years old the shade of the new panel is not going to match the rest of the truck.
    Remember the GM mini vans from 1990 – 1996 with long front nose, it was called the dustbuster shape. Under the long windshield your going to have a very long dash, and that is going cause reflections on the inside of the windshield that are very distracting as your drive. The long A pillars block vision to your right and left. In city driving you can easily miss seeing pedestrians and cars.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 The thing I remember about the Dustbuster vans, was that you needed arms about 5 feet long to clean the inside of the windshield. They drove ok, but the early ones were kind of slow with the detuned 3.1 engine they used.

  8. Lambo2015 Says:

    6 I’m still not convinced that the Cyber truck will launch in the same design that’s been presented thus far. I think some tweeks will be made prior to production to address some of the flaws you’ve pointed out.

  9. Rey Says:

    Tesla CYBRTRK isn’t for the faint of heart ( Timid), neither the stock in some Tesla fanbase circles- reservation holders their que in the line is around 2 million, granted there will be dropouts,but even those who do will be rep,aced by those who get in line, remember that Tesla was supposed to go out of BZNZ soon after it reached it Tax grant limit, yet here we are the modY is sold out for a year, if you placed an order today the soonest you will get that car is around Nov next year,3ven as both Giga Berlin and Giga Texas comes on line.

  10. Rey Says:

    Those who doubt the CYBRTRK SSTEEL skin forget the truck can be wrapped,( Tesla is considering this option, those who worry about dents- the SSTEEL skin is 30 × hardened, meaning it is quite dent resistant, and will be much harder than your SSTEEL Pots and pans in Moms kitchen, and last time I looked all car and truck got parking lot dings, now let me go out and count them Dings in my 12 Yr.old car,Oh Sht, Holy smokes it’s not the dings I have to worry about, it is the rust spots underneath ,rocker panels and everything else!!

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Will most people with Cybertrucks even care if they are dented? They won’t rust, and the stainless steel will be kind of ugly anyway, like my 40 year old kitchen sink. I’ll probably want to park far away from them, when/if they are on the road.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 Estimated delivery for a Model Y Performance is February, 2022. For Model Y Long Range, it’s June 2022. I’m not sure where you came up with November next year.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12 The estimated delivery times display on a Windows computer with Chrome browser, but not on my phone.

  14. Ziggy Says:

    Anybody else catch the lousy paint job on that Jeep at the 2:20 mark, looked very much like an old timey vehicle with less than smooth paint, I hope it wasn’t destined for a customer and was just part of the prototype build for evaluation.

  15. Barry Rector Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Autoline! I’m very thankful for all your work. You provide so much news and entertainment!

  16. Rey Says:

    #12&13 kit Mark Kane in Inside Evs has this figures , mod3&Y former SR base , now simply called RWD ,sold oute for 10 months, and that was sometime early Nov, about 2 weeks ago, those are for cars with LFP batteries,which are a bit heavier but has less issues about charging to 100% and has longer lifespan and more Thermal event tolerant 0-60 is 6.9 sec

  17. wmb Says:

    #2 & 4.) I think the interesting thing IS that the Stellantis calls the info that GM obtained as corporate espionage! As we all know corporate Espionage is illegal. Yet, if GM just hired a private investigator(s), who simply asked better questions to the right people and got more details on what Stellantis had done, GM could just use that material to farther build their case in the eyes of the court. But if that information were obtained illegally, even if it were proved to be true, it cannot be used against Stellantis! So, this is a way for Stellantis to put HOW the information was obtained on trial, and not WHAT the information itself is, that was discovered. If Stellantis can prove that this “new” was obtained illegally, the judge/courts may not even be allowed to hear or see it! Very, very interesting!

  18. wmb Says:

    The new Ranger looks good too! I wonder if it will come standard in the US with a hybrid, like the Maverick? Also, if it will be offered with the generator like the F-150? I know that many in the US want the forbidden fruit, that is the Ranger Raptor that is sold in other markets, I wonder how close is Ford to offering a Ranger Mach-E or Lightning?

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The new Ranger will be 2 inches wider, making it almost as wide as “full size” pickups of only a few years ago. Things are prime for the Chinese to enter the US market with an actual small pickup. Even the Maverick is huge, compared to the old Toyota and Datsun trucks, or even the S-10.

  20. ChuckGrenci Says:

    With Ford offering the Maverick I suppose it lends itself to offering a still larger Ranger. You’re absolutely right Kit, while the Maverick is smaller than the current midsizers’, the compact pickups were smaller still (and had a good market segment and sales); so maybe there still is some room for ‘others’ to offer a ‘true’ small pickup. The current midsizers’ are every bit as large as the previous fullsizers’ of old. I’d still be in the market for an S-10 sized vehicle but leaning away from the midsize (in my current situation; retired and just wanting some utility and fuel mileage).

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 If I wanted a short bed 4 door pickup truck, the Maverick would be my clear choice, because the hybrid version will get about twice the city mpg of the competition. The bottom line, though, is that for a pickup truck to replace my van, even with a bed cover, it would need at least a 6 1/2 foot bed.

    Speaking of vans, I am considering a new one, as I would no longer want to take my ’89 on extended trips. My choice would be between Sienna for mpg, low trim Pacifica for price and convenience, and Pacifica hybrid, if the center row seats are easily removable.

  22. matttheviewer Says:

    Hi. Happy Holidays! There’s a new engine in town called the LiquidPiston Rotary engine (a highly modified Mazda-type rotary engine using a hollow crankshaft, tri-lobed rotor and fixed apex seals. Quoted from Newsweek: “LiquidPiston is on the brink of revolutionizing power generation for several application markets.”

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 LiquidPiston’s web site sounds convincing, but I tend to be skeptical about ICEs that are going to take over thr world. I haven’t seen many F-150s with Achates engines yet. Anyway, the LiquidPiston web site is interesting. What they’ve done so far is small engines, 40hp max, but if they actually work, and are small and efficient, they could be great for plug-in hybrids.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’m seeing on a Tesla Facebook group that Models S a few years old depreciate horribly. I’m surprised.

  25. Sean Wagner Says:

    LiquidPiston – I remember stumbling across their website a couple of years ago, probably while checking up on any Wankel engine developments.

    Judging by their press releases, it seems they had something of a two-year hiatus, with activity picking up again in 2020, centered around drones and hybrids. Things that require a compact power source not subject to automotive emissions regulations.

    They raised 17m USD this June.

  26. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Liquid Piston will be another wait and see; probably not a major player but perhaps a niche player in a specialized market. Unless ground breaking, little hope as an automotive and ICE participant.

  27. Lambo2015 Says:

    24 I know the model S isn’t really a luxury vehicle other than in MSRP. However I wonder if the depreciation is in line with other luxury vehicles or is it better or worse. According to the IRS Luxury vehicles depreciate $10,200 to $18,200 the first year, $16,400 the second year. $9,800 the third year and $5,860 the fourth through sixth years.
    So in 6 years the average luxury car depreciates $57,980. So if a 80k Model S that’s 6 years old is $22k that would be on average. My guess is it may depreciate more as we have all cautioned about buying an old EV in need of a battery replacement soon would make it a hard sell.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27 What I saw was that Carvana offered $36,500 for a 2017 Model S 100D that cost $116K new. I don’t know much about Carvana but, to my surprise, Carmax offered me a little over new MSRP for my 2019 Cayman. I’m tempted to take them up on it, since I have the Corvette, and order a new Cayman which the dealer predicts I’d get in about a year.

    Anyway, I suspect a Mercedes S-Class might depreciate almost like the Tesla, though as you say, concerns about needing a very expensive battery could make the Tesla depreciate even worse.

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27,28 Maybe Carvana doesn’t make very good offers. KBB shows “tradein” value for the Tesla at $55K. FWIW, KBB shows $47K for a 2017 S550 sedan. A no-option S550 cost $97.5K new, according to KBB.


    27) Worse than the worry about battery replacements, is the fact that any BEV you buy now is obsolete in 5-10 years. There will be better battery chemistries, better charging capability, higher ranges, and the list goes on for reasons why your $80k BEV will be a brick in 5-10 years. This obsolescence will not only lower resale values dramatically, it will push a lot of BEVs to the landfills sooner than anticipated as nobody will want them anymore. BEVs are basically disposable cars. Everyone joked about ICE cars becoming disposable, but you can run a modern ICE for 30-40 years without much trouble. A BEV is a true disposable car as in 10 years it is obsolete and not useable. In 10 years I bet you won’t even be able to charge a 2022 BEV at a commercial charging station as the standards will change so dramatically. I suspect that in 2032 a 2022MY TESLA will be a brick whether or not the battery dies, which it probably will anyhow.

    You already see this in the mobile phone industry. A 10 year old mobile phone is obsolete. 10 years ago the big “must have” mobile phone was the IPhone 4S. At this point almost all of the 4S phones are sitting in landfills with very few exceptions. People don’t want a 4S anymore because the new 12 pro-max has better batteries with longer use times, faster charge rates, and offers better features. It is difficult to even find charge cables and accessories for an old IPhone 4S because the port design changed. Does this all sound familiar?

  31. Lambo2015 Says:

    30 Yeah I fully suspect the first 10-20 years of BEVs will mirror the cordless tool industry.
    Remember when cordless tools started and a Drill was pretty weak and only 9 volts and it seemed almost every other year they jumped up to 12, 14, 20, 24 and so on. They changed from permanent mounted batteries to removable, and from the transformer power cords to fast chargers.
    Not sure why they don’t see the resemblance but quick change batteries seems to be solution and was a game changer for the tool industry. Seems to be well excepted when it comes to scooters because they are fairly light and manageable manually.
    However like you said, these next few years are going to be disposable BEVs unless they can accept an upgraded battery when a battery exchange is needed. Sadly when my 18V drill batteries quit holding a charge I cant go get a 24V replacement and its almost cheaper to buy a new drill than a dual battery and charger pack.

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    31 Funny you mention cordless tools. I’ve never had a cordless drill, because they are throw away items, with constantly changing battery configurations. Meanwhile, I have two 60+ year old corded drills that work fine, and an 80+ year old hand crank drill that works for small holes when power is not conveniently available.

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