My Car the Studio: Elliot Scheiner on Perfecting Car Audio

January 24th, 2008 at 6:24pm

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You’ve probably never heard of Elliot Scheiner, but if you’ve listened to any music over the past 30 years you’ve definitely heard his work. As a Grammy Award-winning audio engineer he’s tuned songs for artists from Faith Hill and Steely Dan to Fleetwood Mac and B.B. King. He stands as a legend in the recording industry and remains one of the most renowned producers in the business.

Helping bring studio-quality sound to the masses, Scheiner has teamed up with Panasonic and Acura to deliver an in-car sound system with quality that bests professional equipment. Available on three Acura models (MDX, RDX and TL) ELS 5.1 Surround Sound brings the depth and clarity of six separate channels to your daily commute, making the breathtaking sound of the recording studio as close as your driveway.

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