AD #3239 – German Teen Hacks Teslas; Nikola Approved for Huge Purchase Incentive; Honda Teases All-New U.S. HR-V

January 14th, 2022 at 11:53am

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Runtime: 8:50

0:07 German Teen Hacks Teslas
0:57 Tesla’s Heat Pump Failing in Extreme Cold
1:26 Cybertruck Delayed Due to Changes
1:54 Nikola Approved for Huge Purchase Incentive
2:56 Honda & LG Forming U.S. Battery JV
3:30 BMW Wants to Buy Batteries Not Make Them
3:50 Plasma Tech Can Reduce Battery Production Emissions
4:27 Hybrid Solid State Batteries Coming Sooner
5:36 Bugatti Receives Record Orders
6:11 Honda Teases All-New U.S. HR-V
6:36 Lexus Reveals Off-Road Concepts
7:07 Toyota Showcases Performance in Tokyo

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20 Comments to “AD #3239 – German Teen Hacks Teslas; Nikola Approved for Huge Purchase Incentive; Honda Teases All-New U.S. HR-V”

  1. Buzzerd Says:

    The story on hacking the Teslas really makes me wonder if the benefits of OTA out weigh the risks. Could they not have a hybrid system of some sort where you would have to physically plug in a internet receiver of some sort eliminating a large chunk of risk.

  2. XA351GT Says:

    #1 Nice to know you are being tracked every where you go. Big Brother is watching. Like everything else individual freedom and privacy seem to be on the endangered list.

  3. Buzzerd Says:

    Yes for every benefit there’s a negative. You want to stand in the middle of a store and search there inventory or check reviews? Well there is a price to pay, if someone wants to check you out they can. Good thing is most of the time no one cares what I’m doing.

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    Tesla seemed to have started the EV truck craze and now is going to be late to the game with the cybertruck. Debuted in 2019 with production slated for 2021 then moved to 2022 and now 2023. Those Tesla cheerleaders that kept saying GM and Ford was late to the game are pretty quiet now. Guess those traditional automakers just know how to launch a product on time.

    Looks like there will be at least 5 other EV trucks by 2023.
    Ford lighting, Silverado EV And GMC version, Hummer, Rivian RT1, Lordstown Endurance, Maybe a Tacoma and Canoo. Wonder how that will affect those Cybertruck reservations. For those that reserved 3 years ago might reconsider.

  5. wmb Says:

    Why is it that the BEV cab over version of the Nikola semi, is so tall? With the battery and the motors are low in the body around the wheels and vehicle floor, shouldn’t the driver area be much lower to the ground?

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 Maybe they need to stack the batteries pretty high to package the MWh of them, or however much is needed to get decent range for a loaded truck. Just a guess.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5,6 It’s .753 MWh of batteries.

  8. Wim van Acker Says:

    @4 first mover advantage was one of the reasons why TESLA has become very successful with its passenger cars. It seems they won’t have that advantage in the pick up truck segment. I am curious how it will play out.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4,8 I’m thinking the Cybertruck interest is largely the “cult of Tesla” crowd, and is different from the interest in electric F-150 and Silverado. I’d think, though, this much delay would be annoying to those made early Cybertruck deposits.

  10. Sean Wagner Says:

    As long as Tesla can crank out and sell inane amounts of battery packs on wheels with only two high volume models, the tardiness of Cybertruck doesn’t much matter.

    I agree it targets a different set of people than conventional trucks, and am not unhappy at all that Ford’s product seemingly promises to become a resounding success. The fact remains they’re presently still only building some 6K Mach-Es per month.

    I saw a Ford Flex here in Switzerland yesterday, and it’s a rare bird even among American cars. It takes more than one try to stumble onto a sales leader.

    Tesla alone just can’t do it all, but I’m confident they’re aiming for a very high-volume product.

  11. S65AMG Says:

    The Week in Review:

    I have been using this site and looking at the comments for a while, and on Wed I started posting, but my two posts appeared late and most did not have a chance to see them, so I paste here.

    1. Re prices ‘continuing to climb”, a topic rehashed many times, incl. on Thu’s AAH. prices are at really high levels even excluding luxury cars. Part of this is due to a trend that many, many, strictly speaking non-luxury vehicles command stratospheric prices. For example, loaded pickup trucks, large SUVs, even some supercars costing 200 and 400k are not at all ‘luxury’ in their interiors. So it’s better to use ‘price segments’ than terms like ‘luxury’ where every other guy has a different definition. But the other part, that many here still do not get, is the rampant inflation in recent months, and the slow creep of inflation the last 40 or so years, which makes cars in 2022 priced 5 times as much as they were in 1982. Admittedly the 2022 are far superior in tech and power, but still, most people are not enthusiasts and don’t care.

    2. Re your COTY award. You cite a lot of positives about these awards, but you fail to mention they include o n l y the vehicles whose makers gave you a free copy to test around. Because of this constraint, you missed monumental home runs such as both the Model S and especially the mass market, very affordable, a bargain for what it offers, game changing Model 3. Other auto magazines and TV shows were able to find the above vehicles to test, usually offered by their owners, and after testing them, they did give them the COTY crowns. Motor Trend comes to mind, correctly naming the Model S COTY in 2013.

    3. Above reservations aside, I am quite pleased with two of the three awards. The Ford Maverick pickup, regardless what the usual never satisfied nitpickers here will say, has most deservedly won the award. It has an amazingly affordable price, even in hybrid form, $10,000s below the average vehicle price, and is still a whole lot of truck (which, I say to its critics, is an asset, not a liability), plus it gets stellar MPG in the $27k hybrid form. The Bronco is a silly exercise, an ugly competitor to Jeep, regardless how many buyers with bad taste initially buy them. The Civic is the best compact car, used to be a subcompact but now it is far bigger than the original Accord, let alone the tiny Civics of the past. I don’t like the exterior styling of recent Civics, and the interiors have not become more luxurious with each larger model, but still it offers great fun and mpg at still affordable prices, with very good reliability. Why buy a boring Corolla instead?

  12. S65AMG Says:

    And here was my other post from Wed:

    Re the 2021 calendar year US vehicle sales and its comparison to prior years. I strongly recommend you show the market share of each maker, and, more importantly, how it has gone up or down the last 10 years or so.

    I have detailed stats at my home computer, and plot a square with 1000 little squares inside, each 0.1% of market share.

    Only comparing 2021 to 2020, 2019, 2017 etc will you truly appreciate the strong and continuous growth of Tesla, which is still the only serious EV game in town, and, more importantly, at whose expense these gains have come.

    Hint: At the expense of the onetime big 3, and especially GM, which keeps losing market share for decades, like a leaky jar.

    Ford’s decision to go all trucks, despite the higher gas prices (but still far lower than the 2008 $4.50 peak, which, in 2022 dollars is more like $7.50!), has worked fine so far, and Ford was rewarded by getting 2 out of 3 COTY awards, plus a ton of other awards for the new Maverick. GM, on the other hand, is flailing, Mary Barra has been a huge disappointment so far, as one would expect with CEOS that are not appointed based on their Merit but on other, irrelevant considerations.

    PS You may have noticed the steep rise in Ford stock, which the ‘pundits’ attributed to its ”
    EV Strategy”. I am really not convinced this is the reason, and yesterday when I read that Bill Ford has been buying shares like a maniac, trying to make sure that control of Ford continues to lie with him and his extended family, I think this is a far more plausible reason. I do believe that the EV F150 will do very well, and better than the poorly named and awkwardly styled so-called “Mustang Mach-E” wagon-crossovery-hatchy thingie.

  13. S65AMG Says:

    10 The Cybertruck is not a ‘make or break’ vehicle for Tesla in the sense the Model 3 was. Musk himself said that its original development was not an entirely serious thing. It is utterly unimportant to the company if its sale is further delayed. As for my ‘take’ on it, at first I hated its styling, it looked like a silly Delorean or one of these fake vehicles in stupid so-called “Sci”-fi movies. But then I saw a more detailed video showing its design and I liked it much more, appreciated its practicality and the reason for some of its weird styling. I am still not used to its front end, and I believe they can fix it at a minimal cost and have a far better looking vehicle, but I am not in the demographic that would care to buy any pickup truck, much less this one, so maybe those who want it don’t mind.

  14. S65AMG Says:

    The year to sell any old jalopies you don’t need.

    Car prices are up, both in new cars, and even more in used ones, this year. However nowhere are prices higher than in used ‘enthusiast’ cars and other collectibles or collectible wannabes, junky old cars from the 8o0s and 90s and 2000s that, two years ago, their owners donated to charity so they could write off a few thou from their taxes. These same junky vehicles fetch prices of $20k and $30k this year, two years later!

    2021 and 2022 are NOT the time to buy a new or used car! Even if you desperately need one, it is far wiser and always possible to fix what you get and live with it until the craze subsides. On the contrary, if you are lucky enough to have old cars you don’t need, this is the time to get rid of them. Take this seriously, such opportunities will NOT be available for ever!

  15. joe Says:

    to S65AMG

    I don’t know where you are getting all your info but, you sure present a lot of it and I doubt some of it’s accuracy. I know some of it are half truths and others are opinions.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 The Maverick is a very deserving winner for two reasons, the base price, and it will be available as a hybrid that will use about half as much gas as the competition in city driving. Otherwise, it is mostly another “mid-size” pickup, but with a shorter bed than most. It’s about a foot shorter overall, but 4-5 inches wider than Ranger, Colorado, and Tacoma. Yeah, it’s unibody, but as with the Ridgeline, that probably makes it better, rather than worse than the body-on-frame competition.

    The Civic is more fun to drive than a Corolla, but unlike the Corolla, is not available as a hybrid. Fortunately, for a limited few people, both Civic and Corolla are among the few cars available in the US with manual transmissions.

  17. Lambo2015 Says:

    With Tesla’s heat pump failing in extreme cold weather makes me wonder if they did extreme cold and hot weather testing. Or did they just design this car for the fair California weather?

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 Do the heat pumps “fail,” as in break, or do they just not have adequate heating capacity in very cold conditions? If the latter, they need backup resistance heating, at least for cars sold where it gets exceptionally cold.

  19. Ukendoit Says:

    I was under the impression that the NACOTY/NATOTY was not just what the 50 automotive journalists could “get their hands on”, but was based on all the newly designed vehicles available for that year. Other than the “Plaid” refresh a year ago, I don’t think Tesla introduced any new models that would be up for “_OTY”
    Did we find the latest Larry/Rey incarnation?

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 Yep, the NACTOY site says to be eligible, the vehicles need to be “all-new or substantially new.” It’s probably marginal, if the Model S refresh/Plaid would have been eligible, even if the jury had gotten a factory loaner.