AD #3249 – GAC Did Not Agree to Stellantis Deal; New Hydrogen Transportation System; Gordon Murray Reveals New T.33

January 28th, 2022 at 11:51am

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Runtime: 9:50

0:07 GAC Shocked by Stellantis Announcement
0:50 Stellantis Pays Italian Loan Early
1:14 Great Wall Makes Big Brazil Investment
2:52 Rivian Production Picks Back Up
3:27 IHS Markit Sees Continued Chip Shortage
4:13 Schaeffler Develops New Hydrogen Transportation System
5:38 Cadillac Blackwing Engines Discovered on Parts Site
6:36 ZF Helps Improve Safety of Big Trucks
7:23 Gordon Murray Reveals Sleek New Supercar
8:21 You Said It!

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25 Comments to “AD #3249 – GAC Did Not Agree to Stellantis Deal; New Hydrogen Transportation System; Gordon Murray Reveals New T.33”

  1. Lambo2015 Says:

    Seems the best solution for the auto industry when it comes to microchips would be to catch up with the times and start designing for the use of Microcontrollers and get away from analog chips. Assuming capacity is there but we keep hearing that no one wants to invest in old tech. So start building capacity of newer tech and get on board. Seems simple enough.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Lots of engines can be built up to achieve 550 HP and for much less than 35K. I think the Hellcat 700HP crate motor is like 20-25K.
    Cadillac is dreaming. Only one buying that motor is an insurance company for replacement.

  3. Kevin A Says:

    Toluene is known to cause liver and kidney damage. Benzene causes cancer. Is Schaeffler suggesting that Benzo-toluene is somehow harmless?

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Yeah, the 3rd “T” of TNT is toluene. The first is tri, and the “N” is nitro.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 Hopefully, that system of storing/transporting hydrogen, if it goes into use, will keep the benzo-toluene contained where people won’t breath the vapor.

  6. WineGeek Says:

    Hey Lambo I agree why are the auto manufacturers designing new systems with old chips? If I remember Tesla builds their own chips that they designed and these chips are much better with higher functionality than any other automaker is using. Possibly if the legacy manufacturers utilized newer technology we would have less of a shortage and more functionality in our vehicles, not a bad thing, right?

  7. Jeff Taylor Says:

    Boy a $20k Tesla Model S battery pack is a bargain compared to the $34k Cadillac engine. Yikes.

  8. George Ricci Says:

    As pointed out by #3, Toluene cause live damage and Benzene cancer. As we try to develop renewable energy solutions, we need to be careful that in solving one problem that we don’t create several new ones.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 Does Tesla actually make semiconductor chips, or just design them? If they make them, where is their wafer fab/fabs? Does anyone know?

  10. MichaelS Says:

    Surprised that the OE’s using the “Vision” name don’t remember that the Vision was actually a car. Recall the Eagle Vision? It helped to save AMC. :-) Maybe they could use the Futura name because people probably forget that the Futura was a version of the Ford Fairmont.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Only about 1500 CT6-V cars were made. Maybe enough have been crashed to provide used engines for the ones that have blown engines. Probably a few people will buy those $40K engines for their street rods, to have something different from a Hellcat engine, or a “cheap” Chevy crate engine. It might cost another $10K or so for the electronics to make the Blackwing engine run.

  12. S65AMG Says:

    2 Caddy is indeed dreaming. $35k for that engine is just LAUGHABLE, and 100% in line with many other equally laughable Caddy pricing decisions, from the Pimped-up Corvette the XLR to the most ridiculous of all, the Volt clone with much less room than the Volt, the ELR. Both rightfully died many years before their time, but Caddy learned NOTHING, it seems.

    I remember a friend in Arlington VA who bought a used 1989 735i from a dealer, with low miles, and right away it needed both a new engine and a new transmission. That was before 2000, but still, the cost was 8+6k respectively, and the dealer and the buyer shared it 50-50. I stayed with them in Arlington in Jan 2014 and he still drove the car, btw, and I could not believe the dealer there would give him a new alternator for only $300 (!?) I remember paying $300 in 1981 for a VW Passat (Dasher) alternator, which was at least triple that in 2014 $!!!!. makes zero sense.

  13. S65AMG Says:

    I went to borrow a few dvds I requested from the public library and read the latest Motor Trend and quickly went thru the latest car issue of CR.

    MT had a faceoff between a $140k Lucid and a $125k (as tested both) Merc EQS, and despite the facts they cited, they gave Lucid 1st place.

    Using the same facts, I’d never do that.

    The only advantage that Lucid had was the range. it had 469 and the Merc 350 miles.

    The Lucid only had 800 HP (how terrible, to live without its 1,111 HP variant!) and the Merc much less, 500+. And what does the Lucid get for the extra 300 HP? practically NOTHING!!!

    Really? Really. 0-60 MPH is 3.0 for the Lucid and 3.7 sec for the much bigger (10″ more wheelbase, 4″ more height, 600+ lbs more weight), so BOTH of them are “3 second cars” meaning 0-60 between 3-3.99″)

    MT correctly sez the Merc is not as luxurious etc as an ICE S-class (which is fit for an emperor). But the comparison is with the LUCID, whose interior is far inferior, despite the much higher price (!) than the Mercs.

    the Lucid did not have one sq inch of wood veneer. The EQS had a big slab of wood between the driver and pass seats, but I hated it, it was a depressing, untreated, no veneer, dark brown wood that looked like the execrable fake wood (Formica!) in JFK’s Air Force one I saw in a Boeing ‘museum” in Seattle back in 2003. It also looks like the real and fake woods in old Lincolns or Caddys.

    Overall, the EQS is a whole lot car for a whole lot less $, and just as awesome performance-wise, and coming from a legendary maker and not a Saudi-funded upstart.

    I only hope I can option out that damned wood between the seats, or that it will depreciate as hard as the ICE S-class, and then I may even forget the Tesla S!

  14. George Ricci Says:

    Everyone needs to chillout about the CT-6 Blackwing motor. It is NOT a crate motor to be sold over the counter for people to put in a hot rod. It’s a very limited run hand assembled engine to be a service replacement for those 1500 or so CT6-V cars. I would be very surprised if Cadillac has more than 50 in stock. The number probably is more like 25 and when they are gone, they are gone! That is why the price is so high.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 Yeah, the price isn’t bad, considering the price is as a repair part, and it’s extremely rare.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15, I meant @14. Yeah, probably obvious.

    13 You could always paint that wood flat black, or whatever your color of choice would be. Still, if tbe car is S-Class price, plus the EV premium, why not make it S-Class in cabin appearance?

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 Do you still have your diesel E-Classes?

  18. Sean Wagner Says:

    Kit, on the subject of Nio’s battery swapping stations, I did some digging. As of Dec. 10,

    (Quote) So far, NIO has installed a total of 700 battery swapping stations, 3,020 Power Chargers, and 3,319 destination chargers, and has connected with over 430,000 third-party charging piles.

    That’s already up to 828 swapping stations as of Jan 28. All that while the company’s sales are still a fraction of Tesla’s, at 10.5K for China this December, up 50% YOY.

    I’d really like to learn more about their actual use in everyday driving and will be looking out for some input from their recent expansion into Norway.


  19. Sean Wagner Says:

    Kit, FYI I made a comment on Nio that’s awaiting moderation.

  20. S65AMG Says:

    17 yes, both, and they both have been flawless to date. (since 10/16 for the 2007 and 4/17 for the 2008)

    I got a recall letter for each to check the sunroof once. Both had 100% perfect sunroofs, so I did not bother with the one overseas. I took the 07 to the dealer near me, and as expected they told me it did not need anything. while waiting, I saw a current S class demo model on sale for $98k (about 1k miles, it was not the top model, more like the 560 or 580.) I did not like the black, tech-filled interior. the 07-13 model was nicer inside, and more along the “english club” without the noise and the damn tobacco smell.

    The one overseas I can use up to 6 months a year, paying the expensive $1000+ license fee prorated per month (a big break for short stays) but while it is perfect for the summer resort where my house is, it’s way too big to take downtown, which is a 50 mi round trip. There are some lousy tiny Euro EVs I could buy and charge them in my garden driveway, but the ridiculous Citroen AMI which goes for $7,000, (I wonder what incentives apply and if buyers have to be… paid to buy it, if all apply) has a truly laughable range of about 26 miles. I need something with at least 100 to cover everything but long trips.

    The one here is easier to sell, or I could buy a second car, but the condo rules would be a pain when I leave (one has to move cars every few days if they are not in the one car garage. Even in my driveway I’d have to move it so they plow the snow when necessary). I have some favorites, the S65AMG obviously (07-13 models), or even better the coupe version, a 911, or a more exotic one (Rolls or Bentley). The latter are rather impractical and too huge, and the ones on sale at cars&bids I follow have flaws, plus they usually are 20-30 years old and their tech sucks. One RR Phantom had to waste $15K to fix the stupid fuel pump, they claim. Seriously? I can buy a fantastic S class for that $ (once the current market distortion is over)

  21. S65AMG Says:

    Did my weekly visit to the library, got a ton of free books as usual, and took a look at the sunday papers.

    One Detroit paper has an article, takes more than a whole page plus, written by a clueless non-enthusiast who knows little about the industry either (Jamie Larue or sth), about how GM’s markerting VP (a woman called Wahl, who seems to share Jamie’s ignorance) will succeed to shove GM’s EVs (those millions of them nobody asked for) down the consumer’s throats.

    The lengthy article is largely worthless. WHy? Because it apparently did not have space, despite the huge size, to ask the most important question of all.

    Will GM be able to make these EVs at a Profit??? SOmething it NEVER was able to do?

    And what changed so now it can?

    BEcause we here only have the esteemed Bob Lutz’s plan, which was, last time he was on AAH, that GM will have to make the damned $-losing EVs, and the fat profits from the (ICE!) SUVs and pickups (to a lesser extent for GM) will pay for the losses!

    BUT now GM sez they will make everything an EV. SO Where In The World will GM find the $ to balance the tens of billions it will lose making all these EVs?

    John and Gary et al, can you bring back Bob Lutz, and will you dare pose to him the above all-important question that Jamie did not think important to cover in her huge, fluff-filled article in the Detroit paper?

    (and Hope there are still signs of life in Bob’s brain, unlike Joe Biden’s)

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 I wonder why it needs to be moderated. I’ve found that comments won’t post if they contain more than one link.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 It sounds like those Benzes have been pretty reliable. Probably having less “tech” than today’s cars is a good thing, when they are a few years old.

    The Mini EV has an EPA range of 114 miles. Base price is ~$30K, though, in the US, and probably higher about everywhere in Europe, with VAT.

    20 If GM comes up with EVs that are popular and sell well, they should be able to make money with them. The Lyric and Silverado EV will be very important.


    22) I think the Lyriq is a hit. The Silverado EV…not so much. There is nothing compelling about the Silverado EV. There is nothing compelling about the ICE Silverado either. Just like the ICE version, the EV Silverado is a hard sell against the Ford…unless you have a employee discount code.

    I saw a couple of lightnings driving around. They look like any other F150 just with a light on the tail gate. It should do well. I still have my reservation but I will cancel it. I need a truck for towing and the lightning is just not going to cut it. I plan to tow long distances…not around the corner.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23 The compelling thing about the Silverado EV is that it will have a mid gate, making it much more useful than most pickup trucks. As far as how it compares with the Ford in other ways, who knows, since neither exists yet.