AD #3257 – Tesla Pioneers New Assembly Technique; GM Dramatically Ramps Up EV Production; Biden Finally Says “Tesla”

February 9th, 2022 at 11:53am

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Runtime: 9:33

0:08 President Biden Finally Says “Tesla”
0:53 Tesla Pioneers New Assembly Technique
2:09 Park Your Hyundai & Kia Outside
3:34 EU Needs Millions More EV Chargers
4:34 Ram Teases EV Pickup
5:29 GM Dramatically Ramps Up EV Production
6:03 Details of Kia Sportage PHEV
6:54 MIT Develops Breakthrough Material
7:32 Hummer EV Frunk Is Perfect for Stowing Roof Panels
8:22 Porsche Allows You to Race on Your Favorite Streets

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43 Comments to “AD #3257 – Tesla Pioneers New Assembly Technique; GM Dramatically Ramps Up EV Production; Biden Finally Says “Tesla””

  1. S65AMG Says:

    Followup to yesterdays #12, reply to Wim’s posts and comparisons.

    Corvettes just look like Ferraris (Ferrari purists may vigorously object to this) but their production has nothing to do with the assembly-line production of ORDINARY cars such as Caddilacs, Corvettes, even Mercedeses. I am well aware of the games Ferrari is playing, especially regarding the scarcity of their models, they do it intentionally to drive used prices up, way up.

    Last summer I spent a day in the outstanding compound of a classmate from elementary and high school, a really poor student and athlete, who somehow is very affluent, and was the president of the Ferrari club in his old country for many years, owns several mint ferraris (the one he had in the garage was a silver Scaglietti 2+2 with the desirable gated manual shifter, but he has an F40 in a garage in Switzerland, an Enzo, and others too). He told me of stories of potential buyers who committed suicide just because Ferrari diluted a model’s production and made more, out of greed, than the promised limited run of 300 or less. I could go o n and on.

    Several Ferrari models were pricier used than new, a concept incomprehensible to those here who are proud owners of Hyundai Elantras or Genesises (same thing) and look down on the far wiser buyers who drive “a used Mercedes or BMW” and save $100,000 of its $110,000 purchase price (and if they are like me, and each of their cars only does a couple thou miles a year, it would be actually idiotic to buy new cars and depreciate them without using them even to the 20% of average miles per year).

    So my question to Wim and any others, is, Don’t compare apples and watermelons, or Corvettes and Ferraris. That was not my question. Compare Corvettes and Caddilac coupes or sedans, and tell me why can GM allegedly make $ off assembly-line made Corvettes, but is utterly incapable of making money off similar low-volume assembly line Caddilacs?

  2. S65AMG Says:

    In today’s show:

    Genius Joe biden finally learns that Tesla is (BY FAR, he omitted that!) biggest BEV maker in the USA. Kudos!

    Next lesson, Joe, and Tesla haters here of similar mental capacity: There was a full page article in the NY Times (yes, I admit I sometimes read articles in that rag, but never their laughable political op-eds and coverage), about BEVs. It mentioned that the share of BEVs in the USA in 2021 was ‘about 4%’

    This is important, because in a previous email of mine, I tried to estimate that number, knowing Tesla alone had over 3.0%, and asked you about your guess, what % did all the other, much LESSER, BEV makers have, PUT TOGETHER.

    The NYT article puts it ‘around 1%’! Which means that Tesla did not lose ONE IOTA OF MARKET SHARE from 2020, when it also had 75% of the US BEV market! Despite the avalanche of all kinds of alleged “Tesla Killers” (LOL) such as the Mustang Mach E and the VW compliance, low-performance BEVs that failed in the market.

    BTW besides the Bob Lutz model of making BEVs (lose a ton of $ per BEV and make it up by selling ICE SUVs or Pickups), we have the Ford Model, which is, make the Mach E in MEXICO and CHINA. I wonder how happy will the UAW be when FORD replaces its ICEs with BEVs BUT, to not go bankrupt, makes them all in Mexico and CHina. Huh, UAW afficionados?

  3. Norm T Says:

    S65AMG, go read “All Corvettes are Red”, and come back to us.

  4. Kevin A Says:

    … so why do you post items from that blowhard. Is he Trump or something?

  5. Jim Haines Says:

    Insult Biden how he is a crooked swamp thing that has done more to ruin America than it took Carter and Obamy 12 years to do

  6. S65AMG Says:

    In other news today:

    “Park your Hyundai or Kia outside because of fire risk”!

    Does this remind anybody of the failed Chevy Bolt? (yes, failed big time, admit it, Tesla haters and GM propagandists!)? As in “park your Bolt 50 feet away from everything else” (Oh yeah, this will be easily feasible in NYC!)

    Seriously, who would park a worthless Hyundai or Kia in the Garage? This is where you park the valuable cars in your stable, the thoroughbred sports cars, not the… Donkeys! (note it did not even include the 15th attempt of H-K to sell luxury cars, the “Genesises”!)

    and down the page:

    “Hummer EV Frunk is perfect..”

    I could never have imagined that anybody would succeed in using the laughable, obese toy the FAKE Hummer (no relation to the Military-issue H1) BEV and “perfect” in the same line.

    GM sold JUST ONE (not one thousand, ONE) of these RIDUCULOUS toys in the entire FOURTH QUARTER in 2021.

    When Tesla sold over THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND BEVS worldwide in the SAME Q4 2021

    These are ASTRONOMICAL differences.

  7. Victor West Says:

    What planet does 5 live on?

  8. Buzzerd Says:

    @7 – a place where the sky isn’t blue and ” normal political discourse” kills people.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Tesla’s construction technique is interesting, and sounds very efficient. I assume it is designed to be disassembled to replace the battery, or modules in it. Does anyone know how the battery/belly pan is sealed with the rest of the body to keep out rain, road salt, etc.?

  10. ChuckGrenci Says:

    3, Great book: “All Corvettes are Red”; we almost lost the Corvette to the ‘corporate’ money men; thankfully, the engineers prevailed.

    Wonder why all these charging stations are pull in, charge, pull out (or back in, charge, then pull out) as opposed to a typical gas station style where you pull in, fuel, pull out. A stall, for charging, makes it easier especially if your pulling a trailer or have a larger vehicle, i.e., camper of the RV type, etc. It doesn’t make too much of a difference now a days, but with the coming of the ‘horde’ of EV’s, it might start getting crowded in the current configuration.

  11. Wim van Acker Says:

    @Sean, John: what a great show today. I especially enjoyed the TESLA assembly and the break-through polymer material.

    What amazes me is that with so many people involved in TESLA engineering and production we continue to learn more about cutting-edge TESLA ideas-turned into reality which we were not yet aware of.

  12. Don Sherman Says:

    The Hyundai/Kia recall for fires has nothing to do with the cars’ engines. Rather, it’s caused by an electrical short in the ABS module. That component is located under the hood, not far from the engine.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3,10 I should probably read that book, even though my Corvette is blue.

    10 With charging being an “extended duration” thing, having charging stations like gas stations might not work is well. It least they would need to be set up so it would be easy to get to, and away from any of the chargers at any time. At some point, there will probably be different arrangements for cars/SUVs, and for big trucks and trailer rigs, as is now the case with diesel pumps at truck stops.

  14. Albemarle Says:

    I found the Tesla ‘the floor is the battery’ idea very interesting. So when this system meets the battery swap system that is being touted so much, will that mean I get clean carpets and perhaps a change in seat colour too?

  15. Sean Wagner Says:

    “All Corvettes are Red” and “The Machine that Changed the World” are the two seminal automotive books I’ve read.

    It’s turned into throwaway phrase, but I actually am profoundly shocked after finding out that gm was planning to build 3’200 Lyriqs this year.

    No, 25’000 isn’t enough either. What planet do these people live on?

  16. XA351GT Says:

    Has Musk actually insulted Biden or merely spoke the truth ?

  17. GM Veteran Says:

    10 – the answer to your question is real estate cost and concrete expense. Smaller footprint is fine for most EVs and costs less. Important when you have limited resources and need to install as many chargers as possible. As Kit said, different configurations will undoubtedly be built to accommodate additional vehicles, towing, etc.

  18. GM Veteran Says:

    15 – I think the GM production numbers are a PR ploy. Its been announced for some time that reservations for the Hummer and Lyriq filled up very quickly, indicating very strong demand. Do we really believe that GM would have a factory come online to produce vehicles by midyear and only then go on to build 3,200 units? Of course not. But, they got a lot of press out of their announcement about dramatically ramping up EV production. Helps the stock price and the public perception of EV acceptance.

  19. Sean McElroy Says:

    Dear Commenters – We’ve been getting a number of complaints about a certain person posting on here. And while I agree with you (why someone would want to belittle another person with a differing opinion is beyond me and posting lengthy pieces about what happened the previous day screams “look at me”) kicking them off never works. They always come back under a different name (though they’ll claim that’s not true, yet intimate knowledge of the regular commenters and the vehicles they drive) doing the exact same stuff. I recommend doing what you should do with anything that pisses you off, ignore it. Just skip those posts.

  20. Lambo2015 Says:

    I personally wouldn’t even consider owning an EV without 240V home charging capability. But maybe many people figure spending a couple hours to refill at a public charger every 100-300 miles isn’t a big deal. It would be a deal breaker for me.
    So I really wonder if adding thousands of charging stations will really make that much difference in the appeal?

    Honestly if the government or manufacturers really wanted to continue to subsidize EVs they should offer a coupon toward a home charger and installation.

  21. ChuckGrenci Says:

    13, “All Corvettes are Red” is the developmental history of the C5 so while not current it is inciteful as to the thinking between ‘corporate’ and engineers. Some of the parallels to be drawn when talking about the C8 is that Tadge’s devotion to creating the best Vette yet is echoed from the C5 book. Yes, definitely a recommendation to get a copy and read. “All Corvettes are Red” by James Schefter.

  22. Dave Says:

    For Tesla anyway the battery swap thing is dead since 220volt outlet gets one filled up overnight even 110volt suits most people most of the time then supercharging on road trips then battery swaps put wear and tear on all the little bits. With the batteries being structural with seats on top, with extra efficiency in manufacturing making battery swaps even more dead if that’s possible

  23. Wim van Acker Says:

    @19 or, as owners of this forum, you could define what is right and what is wrong and act accordingly.

    You could simply kick off anybody who belittles, demeans, insults, regardless of whether they have returned and regardless of the code name they have chosen.

    I agree with you that Hysterical Larry, NOT-S65AMG-BECAUSE-I-DRIVE-OLD-DIESEL-CLUNKERS, is an attention seeker. I have pointed out in the past that the root cause is psychopathological. While sad in itself, his mental health disorder should not be our problem. And it is easy for you to solve it. Just define what is acceptable and act.

  24. Lambo2015 Says:

    21 Ironic that almost the same thing happened over at Ford as a group of engineers secretly worked on the Mustang Cobra that was about to be axed after a huge recall in 1999. Cutting costs put the Mustang on the chopping block a few times and it almost became the FWD Probe. Thank goodness a few car guys were still around to save us from the bean counters idea of a sports car.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 That would be almost like getting a new car, if you got clean carpet, and especially, different color seats.

  26. Sean Wagner Says:

    18 GM Vet – Come to think of it, the Lyriq’s development was accelerated by six months, if memory serves. So with the ramp up, that would explain the paltry number of vehicles originally planned for 2022. But PR preferred to “highlight a different angle”.

    The European market is back in contention.

  27. Albemarle Says:

    19. Good advise Sean. Thank you.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 I’d consider an EV as a “local use” car with even 120v home charging, but with no home charging, I wouldn’t consider one. To me, public charging would be only for trips. If EVs could receive 400 miles of charge in 10 minutes, that would make things much different, but that seems unlikely with today’s battery technology. Batteries, as then now exist, don’t like extremely high charge rates. Also, they don’t like fast discharge rates, which is why the ones I use for model airplanes only last about 100 charge/discharge cycles, if I’m lucky.

    23 Wasn’t the Probe intended to be the “new Mustang,” until the loud complaints surfaced?

  29. Wim van Acker Says:

    @27 we may be getting there, Kit. I read in an article from 2020: “Owners charging their Lucid Air in real-world conditions on the road 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes of charging.” Not the 400 miles which you want, but we are getting there.

    I don’t own a LUCID Motors vehicle, and do not know anyone who does, just to be clear. Is there anybody who has first hand experience?

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    28 That would be much better, especially if the chargers were places I go anyway, like certain restaurants.

  31. walter hanisch Says:

    I’ve been an avid follower for 10 years maybe more, and I for one am not impressed with the new designs associated with the new BEV’s I realize that something outlandish might not sell but something like what Tesla did with their new truck is groundbreaking. All SUV’s and trucks look similar to past models and each other. Why don’t manufacturers allow their designers to be unleased once in awhile?

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    30 The mid 1950s to mid 1960s were the golden age of US car design. Well, actually the ’30s were the golden age, but the good ones were not remotely afforable to most people.

  33. Merv Peters Says:

    that tesla info was amazing,as was the entire show

  34. Barry Rector Says:

    Interesting design/assembly of the Tesla battery pack/seats. I’m just wondering what Sandy Munro thinks of it? He’s the expert in my opinion.

  35. Kit Gerhart Says:

    33 I’m wondering how they attach and seal things. Maybe we’ll hear more.

  36. Sean Wagner Says:

    34 Probably a press-fit. (I jest!) Can’t wait to see what Sandy’s crew make of Tesla’s structural pack.

    The idea is excellent, and I’m sure the pretty challenging engineering will follow suit, but those cylindrical 4860 NMC cells in particular need careful consideration of their mechanical loads. Never mind how prismatic LFP cells differ in so many aspects.

  37. Kit Gerhart Says:

    34,35 Normally, I’d expect spot welds and glue, or something like that, but that might be difficult to disassemble to service the battery. We should find out from Sandy Munro in due time.

  38. Lambo2015 Says:

    Tesla stole the idea from the toy I had back in 1977. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wondered why no one build a vehicle that could swap bodies like this. Maybe now with EV skateboard platforms we may finally get there.

  39. Kit Gerhart Says:

    37 That is cool. I’d never seen one. I’m too old.

  40. ChuckGrenci Says:

    37, that was a neat video; a lot can be learned from the toymakers (it appears). It was kind of a Rube Goldberg (but this one actually did work) and the ‘skateboard’ idea was ‘way’ ahead of its time.


    If you have ever seen an RV or travel trailer built, you are used to the technique shown by tesla here. It is funny on those because the pre-installed flooring gets trapped in the seams during the assembly process making replacements a complete hassle.


    40) I guess when you think about it. The RV industry has been using skateboard platforms for decades. They never called them that though. There truly is nothing new under the sun.

  43. Sean Wagner Says:

    37 Lambo – Great find, and fun to watch! There have been a few concept cars in that vein too, I hazily recall.

    Of course, Tesla’s breakthrough is that the new battery pack will be a load-bearing structural element.