Special FX

August 19th, 2008 at 2:45pm

Infiniti FX Video Player

Runtime: 5:11

Infiniti has redesigned its sporty crossover vehicle, the FX, for 2009. Building on the success of the original it features more power, more technology and more features all wrapped in a package with more style. The company even made it more fun-to-drive. But is more enough in today’s fiercely competitive market?

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2 Comments to “Special FX”

  1. Toni Rader Says:

    I love learning about new cars and what they have to offer, but I really like this video with the sexy voiced commentator. Keep putting that voice on videos and I’ll keep watching.

  2. Robert S. Swinehart Says:

    Sorry you are not on Speed anymore. Have always
    enjoyed your unique show. I will try to catch each new show on the internet.

    Thanks for hanging in there.