AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: Hyundai’s Luxurious Genesis

August 22nd, 2008 at 8:00pm

As heard on
WWJ Newsradio 950

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Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai is coming out with its first true luxury car and it’s aimed right at Lexus, BMW and Mercedes, but there’s just one little problem that’s going to hold it back.

The Hyundai Genesis is a beautifully designed and engineered sedan that is going to show the automotive world that this Korean car company can make cars like the best of them. All the stats and specifications show that it meets or beats the top luxury brands in the world.

But that word brand is what’s going to prevent the Genesis from putting any kind of dent in Lexus’ or Mercedes’ or BMW’s sales. People who aspire to those brands are not going to buy a Hyundai, no matter how good it is.

The American management at Hyundai successfully fought against the Korean’s to launch a new luxury brand in America. But the Genesis is so good that my guess is the Korean management will want to revisit this issue in the near future.

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