AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: U.S. Car Market up for Grabs

August 26th, 2008 at 12:32pm

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In the coming decade, Detroit’s Big Three automakers have an opportunity to completely reinvent themselves.

We’re going to see big changes in the American market in the next decade. All kinds of vehicles with alternative power-trains will be showing up in showrooms. Hybrids, plug-ins, pure EVs, clean diesels, you name it.

Thanks to fuel economy regulations and higher gas prices, automakers are going to have to retool their entire fleets of vehicles. And all of them will have to do that, not just the Detroit three.

But GM, Ford and Chrysler have a golden opportunity here, because if they can be on the leading-edge of this new technology, depending on the model and the segment, they’ll have their best shot at recapturing some of the market share they’ve lost.

2 Comments to “AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: U.S. Car Market up for Grabs”

  1. Tom Martin Says:

    I agree.

    Auto manufacturers have the opportunity to replaced the 600-800 million cars and trucks that are currently on the road.

  2. Larry Swafford Says:

    Well I see by the intro of GM’s new 8 passenger crossover that gets a big 24gpm highway they still don’t get it. First of all most of the country these days still can’t afford 30,000 dollar cars. Many of us are still making what we were in the 80′s and we all know about housing and fuel and the rest of our problems. Second, my 92 Eldorado back in 92 got 32 mpg. The big salary boys in Detroit making the big three decisions just don’t know what average Joe America is going through and how much money he makes. Back in 86 my loaded Buick Park Ave was only 20,000 bucks and it got 31mpg. Just because some people in this country make huge salary’s, (over 100 grand) most do not. Detroit has priced themselves into the down market. Make all the excuses you want, as long as cars cost this much they will not be selling as many. People will no longer trade yearly and they will buy more used than new. (hello??) anybody out there?? The mere fact that a Geo metro in 91 got 55 mpg and cost 7 grand and today if you can find one still costs 3 grand should be telling them something but they are so comfy in their big high rises that they have lost all concept of what is really needed in the market place. “WAKE UP DETROIT”. Make what we can afford to buy and drive and your buisness will come back.