AD #3378 – Musk Says More Gigafactories On the Way; How Cops Can Pull Over AVs; 7 Chinese OEMs On Fortune 500 List

August 5th, 2022 at 11:54am

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Runtime: 10:58

0:08 Musk Says 12 More Gigafactories On the Way
1:00 Tesla Uses Sunshine to Offset All Energy Use
1:18 BorgWarner Doubles EV Revenue
2:16 7 Chinese OEMs On Fortune 500 List
3:37 BP & CATL Build EV Charging Stations in China
4:26 NIO & Shell Build EV Battery Swapping Stations in China
4:56 Arrival Is Next Startup to Delay Production
5:38 Nikola Beats Wall Street Estimates
6:27 VW Comes Out with Cheaper ID.4
7:52 Scan Tool Lets Independent Repair Shops Work on EVs
8:35 BMW Gets Lithium from Australia
9:21 How the Cops Can Pull Over Autonomous Vehicles

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16 Comments to “AD #3378 – Musk Says More Gigafactories On the Way; How Cops Can Pull Over AVs; 7 Chinese OEMs On Fortune 500 List”

  1. Lambo2015 Says:

    Autonomous trucking; Interesting point Sean. So drug, gun, people smugglers can use an autonomous truck so that way no one risks getting arrested. They would just loose a very expensive truck.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Tesla seems to be on its way to continue its path toward automotive dominance. Well at least a serious contender to take a good share from the big boys. I think Elon will need a few more models than the current ones and cybertruck to get there but I’m sure they have some things in the works. It will be interesting to see how Tesla handles model refreshes. Will they throw a new front and rear fascia on the Model 3 and S and call it good or will it be more extensive?

  3. Rey Says:

    #2 Tesla is making changes constantly, the Insides and Software are more important to the ompanies cars than SHEET METAL Exteriors , if you havent noticed.
    Bloomberg said yesterday Tesla is getting rid of it Junk Bond status and another analyst said it will soon join the Blue Chip club, meanwhile other startups are struggling with ” Production Hell”

    Whats that hated Tesla fan name again?

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If Tesla is to “take over the world,” they will need to make cars a lot less pricey than the “fairly expensive to very expensive” lineup they have now. Also, Cybertruck, if it ever makes it to production, will sell in miniscule numbers outside of North America.

    Wasn’t Elon talking about a Golf-size hatchback for the European market a while back? I haven’t heard anything about it lately, but it, and something even smaller will be needed if Tesla’s grand plan to sell 20M a year is to happen.

  5. Albemarle Says:

    Tesla has current success, but also they are expensive cars with no luxury, and have indifferent quality and old styling. Even now, new EVs coming on the market are being positively reviewed in comparison to Tesla. Often the biggest knock is the Tesla $$ and quality, which, as choices keep arriving, become more and more important.
    Tesla doesn’t care right now as they can sell all they can make. However, reputation rebuilding takes time. A multi-year culture of not caring about build quality will come back to bite them.

  6. Lambo2015 Says:

    5 The other issue Tesla will face in the coming years is it no longer being the fad. Tesla was essentially first and offered something no one else was offering. A very quick EV with decent Sedan styling. Meanwhile everyone else was launching econobox EVs. The S was expensive and received a cult like following. People got excited about Tesla and when the 3 and Y hit people wanted to be part of this club. However as the years pass and more and more manufacturers are getting EVs out there can Tesla maintain the excitement for its vehicles? Or will they become yesterdays news and like many fads become as unpopular to own as quickly as they once were popular to own? No doubt they will need to step up the quality and stay price competitive to continue growing. I just wonder how perception will fair over time. In ten more years Tesla could be the fanny pack of the EVs. Buyers are fickle and people like Rey think the current winning combination is enough to keep them on top. I think it will require a lot more than that.

  7. GM Veteran Says:

    Ya gotta love Elon’s optimism and ambition. But, I don’t really see the rest of the auto industry just laying down to let him take 20-25% share of the world auto market. Currently he has the momentum. But the next three years will change the market picture pretty dramatically and his 20-plant announcement may come to be viewed as boyish enthusiasm mixed with inexperience.

  8. Bob Wilson Says:

    The Tesla stockholders meeting web link is to one of the better edited, summaries of the technical content. Ignore and dismiss Tesla at your peril.

    Top Tesla technologies are the gigacastings, structural battery pack, and LiFeP cell chemistry. The Tesla of 2019 is not the Tesla of today nor likely tomorrow. The sheet metal is less important than the guts inside and improved manufacturing.

  9. Bob White Says:

    Musk has built a house of cards. The Model S was designed by Henry Fisker way back in 2006 and it sure looks the part. Model 3s and Ys are ubiquitous in my area just like Honda Civics were 20 to 30 years ago. The cool factor is deflating. The Taycan is the one to have and it looks sensational. Nobody buys the S in my city. Musk’s mean spirited behaviour is really starting to turn people off.

  10. Lambo2015 Says:

    8 I wasn’t dismissing Tesla. Just stating that it will take more than software updates to remain on top. As designs get long in the tooth and more and more manufacturers launch exciting new EVs Tesla will have to freshen the design and launch more vehicles to cover more segments. I also question the cult like following the company currently has. The company has a lot of support and excitement around it. But that doesn’t always equate to customers. For those that are a fan of Tesla but haven’t bought an EV yet. If they decide in 5 years will they still be as enamored with Tesla then or will they shop around to the many options that will be available?
    It was not slam on Tesla and I hope they continue to do well but I don’t think its going to be as easy when consumers have lots more to choose from and prices get more competitive.

  11. wmb Says:

    Price and quality concerns aside, Tesla makes incredible vehicles. I still feel that they are the tip of the spear. Others have created BEV that are amazing in their own right. I hear and understand those that say that, though the look of their vehicles have stayed mostly the same, it is the changes and updates underneath the ‘skin’ that matter. While that may be true, as someone else in this thread has mentioned, ‘humans and fickle’. There was a vehicle that turn the industry on its ear! The automaker could not build enough of them and for years, even though competitors rose to challenge it, still wore the sells crown for years to come! That vehicle is…the Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Mini vans and now most people won’t be could Dead in them! The main reason being, the generation raised using them, resent them and see them as the ‘mama-mobile’! That is my concern with Tesla products, with there look staying pretty much the same. People may see them as their parents vehicle, while they want something that’s up to date, despite all of the revolutionary new tech underneath! Essentially what will happen, Tesla will be coming the one thing it is hated all along and more then anything else, a Legacy auto maker! The thing is, that’s OK, especially when you have products that people buy as a result of their reputation. Toyota has enjoyed this for many years, the thing being that they had quality that lived up to that standard. Tesla, on the other hand, has constantly had quality issues. Tesla may always be the tip of the BEV spear. Yet, as others rise to the challenge, while not being as efficient, or have as much arrange, or power, etc., but offer nearly much as they do, with modern style and a more attractive price, not owning the spear’s tip doesn’t sound so bad! While the Detroit are making some of the best products in their history and according to many reports and auto journalists, their products are on par with the industry’s best! Yet, they are still dogged in the eyes of the buy public as having inferior products and the spector of poor reliability hangs over them. If Tesla doesn’t come to terms with this with these issues, as someone else has said, they could one day be lumped in with the other American OEMs.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    VW did well in major markets for ~20 years with two minimally changed models, and much longer than that in some markets, like Brazil and Mexico. They needed a lot more models, though, covering a broad swath of the market to get where they are now. Tesla will need to cover much more of the market, if they are to sell even 10M cars a year, never mind the dream of 20M.

  13. Bob Wilson Says:

    The real competition is ICE vs EV, not so much EV vs. EV. Every conquest of any EV over an ICE is success and Tesla doesn’t really care whose EV. For example, :August 3, Autoline Daily:

    “(BMW) is down 13.4% compared to last year.”

    “(BMW) sold nearly 76,000 BEVs, which is more than double compared to last year.”

    Those BMW EVs likely cannibalized the BMW ICE cars. Elon also quipped how the Super Bowl EV adds by the honorable competition boosted Tesla sales.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 The BMW EVs may be cannibalizing BMW ICErs, but also, BMW fans may be adding to their fleets with them. I see that, with Taycan drivers at Porsche club ‘cars and coffee’ cruise ins. People with spare money are buying Taycans to go along with their 911 and Cayenne.

  15. Brian Hatch Says:

    I enjoy Online daily on my big screen TV and am a loyal follower. Please consider finding a way to date or serialize your program, as seen by me watching your programing on my LG smart TV.

    Although I would love to watch the show ever day, as it is uploaded, my chaotic lifestyle leads me to trying to “catch up” after being away. The result is a disaster.

    I watch the latest episode, then YouTube guides me to a 3 or for week episode, so I get frustrated and give up.

    Please give it some thought as to how you make some small tweaks to help guide me through my catch-ups.

    Thanks Brian Hatch

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    13 There is no doubt that BEV sales will continue to grow. The real question is where is the actual cap and what does that growth actually look like? EV sales in the US are right around 5% of total sales. Its taken 10 years to get to here but it wont take 10 years to garner another 5%. So lets say it doubles in the next 5 years. Twice as much in half the time. Pretty aggressive growth but that’s still only 15% by 2027. Then lets say they double again in another 5 years and grab another 20%. That puts EV sales at 35% by 2032. Then lets say they take 40% in those next 5 years. That still only puts EV sales at 75% in 2037. That’s pretty aggressive and faster than I really think things will happen. Even if the government bans the sale of ICEs after 2030, people are keeping their vehicles 10-12 years. Meaning those that buy that last year of ICE wont be ready to buy an EV until potentially 2042. So ICEs will be around for many more years and I would really like to see the sales projections that support a 2030 deadline. The government may want to see it happen by then but I don’t see the buying public supporting that plan.