2023 Genesis GV60

August 25th, 2022 at 3:35pm


Genesis keeps going from strength to strength and the all-electric GV60 is yet another example of how it’s leveraging styling and technology to set itself apart from other luxury brands.

The GV60 is a crossover with a sporty, coupe-like silhouette with room for five. But let’s jump right to the specs that most EV fans want to know about. It has a 77.4 kWh battery, which the EPA says will deliver 248 miles of range for the RWD version, and 235 miles with AWD. You get 214 hp with RWD and 313 hp with AWD.

And then there’s a performance version which delivers 428 horsepower, and it is stunningly quick. Driver’s can choose from three different drive modes: eco, normal and sport. But there’s also a big yellow button on the steering wheel marked Power that delivers a max power boost of 483 hp for 10 seconds and boy does that get things going. Not only will it run from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds you can burn rubber from a 20 mph roll.

The GV60 starts at $60,000 while the Performance version is just under $70,000.

Most reviewers have fixated on the crystal-like globe that sits atop the center console. When you start up the car the globe rotates upside down to reveal the gear shift selector knob. It’s a dramatic bit of theater that really grabs everyone’s attention.


But I found that the fingerprint and facial recognition on the car to be far more significant. Using the center screen, the GV60 will guide you through a set-up procedure that captures your fingerprint by touching a sensor on the center console with your index finger. Then it has you get out of the car to look into a camera that is hidden in the leading edge of the rear door. The camera then learns your facial features.

Once you go through the set-up procedure you no longer have to use your key fob to get in the car and drive. You just touch the driver’s door handle, look into the camera and the car will unlock itself. Then you get inside and touch the fingerprint reader, and the car starts up. The system uses an infrared camera so it works in the dark or on cloudy days. That’s pretty slick and I’m pretty sure this is a first in the industry.


I fully expect Genesis to go flat out with its EV effort. As a newcomer to the luxury segment, EVs offer it the chance to compete on an equal footing. After all, the traditional luxury brands are just getting started in the EV segment too.

By: John McElroy

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