2023 Volvo C-40 Recharge

August 26th, 2022 at 2:32pm


Volvo promises it will only sell battery electric cars after 2025 and it’s well on its way to achieving that. BEVs already account for about 15% of its sales in the US market, one of the best rates amongst legacy automakers. And the C40 Recharge promises to build on that momentum.

You may already be aware of the Volvo XC-40 SUV. Well, the C-40 is virtually the same vehicle except that it is a fastback. And while the fastback gives the C-40 a sportier look, that lower roof really limits the view out the rear window. Though the C-40 looks sleeker in pictures, it’s kind of chunky when you see it in person.

Inside the interior has that typically understated Scandinavian look that you’ll find on every Volvo. The same goes for all the controls and features—they’re the same you’ll find on other Volvos. But on the C-40 the carpeting, lower console and door trim boast a bright blue color. It’s probably the most colorful combination you’ve ever seen in a Volvo, and yet it’s soothing on the eyes.


Out on the road, the C-40 is a blast to drive. Thanks to a dual motor layout you get 408 horsepower that will rocket the car from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in only 4.7 seconds, which is wicked fast.

Those electric motors are fed by a 78 kWh battery pack which the EPA says will only deliver 226 miles of range, which is kind of skimpy by today’s standards. Even so, I never ran into any range anxiety because I plugged in every day with our Level II charger at work.


But I did come to love how Volvo has calibrated the regenerative braking for one pedal driving. On some EVs I find the regen to be too harsh, while on others it’s not aggressive enough. So, it seems to me that Volvo found the Goldilocks calibration—just right!

Volvo is moving the brand upscale and that’s especially true for its electrics. You can expect to pay around $60,000 for the C-40. But some amount of relief is on the way. Next year Volvo is coming out with a single motor version of the C-40 and a smaller 69 kWh battery. That will knock some amount of change off the MSRP. After that we can expect Volvo to keep coming out with more BEVs until they’re the only thing it has in its lineup.

By: John McElroy

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