AD #3410 – Chinese Battery Company to Invest in U.S.; Hertz To Buy 175,000 GM EVs; NTSB Wants Drunk Driver Monitor

September 21st, 2022 at 11:46am

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Runtime: 10:27

0:08 GM & EDF Join Forces
1:05 Chinese Battery Company to Invest in U.S.
1:59 Amazon Going With E-Fuels
3:38 BMW Can Spot a Fake
4:28 Durant Guild Lays Out Its Lineup
5:20 Rivian Aero Claim Verified
6:57 Hertz Hands GM Big EV Buy
7:31 NTSB Wants Drunk Driver Monitor
8:38 Nvidia Unveils All-In-One Computer for Autonomous Vehicles

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15 Comments to “AD #3410 – Chinese Battery Company to Invest in U.S.; Hertz To Buy 175,000 GM EVs; NTSB Wants Drunk Driver Monitor”

  1. Lambo2015 Says:

    In the spirit of being eco-friendly it seems that EV truck designers would have taken advantage of the lack of an engine and sloped the hoods to provide a better drag coefficient.
    I suppose style take precedent over efficiency in this case. However it would be interesting to know how aerodynamic they could make a truck and throw looks out the window at least for the experiment.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Why would the NTSB be pushing driver monitoring when we are suppose to be getting autonomous vehicles. Maybe it not so close to being a reality.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 Sloping the front, and making the bodies less tall would lower the drag of trucks. It seem like most truck buyers don’t want that, though. Ford tried making a sleeker looking F-150 a while back, but that lasted only one generation.

  4. Albemarle Says:

    The coefficient of drag is not the whole story. The CD number is multiplied by the frontal area of the vehicle to get the actual drag. Yet another reason why smaller vehicles can be more efficient.

  5. Albemarle Says:

    Driver monitoring is a step too far. It’s pretty simple to get someone else to start the car for you, for example. For every drunk there seems to be an enabler or two.

    How about a road rage interlock? Or an electrical shock if you touch your phone while driving? The options are endless…

  6. Lambo2015 Says:

    5 I agree that adding a breathalyzer as mandatory equipment punishes everyone for the few. I knew a female that actually had to get one installed on her car (court ordered) and more than a few times her car wouldnt start causing her to be late to work because of the mouthwash or gum she chewed. Even that system could require you to retest while driving so getting someone to start the car for you may not work depending on the test frequency.

    Either way like you pointed out where does it end? Continue to give away freedoms to control the few that are the problem. Computer software that shuts the car down if it senses erratic driving? Forget it may be a medical emergency. Or car wont start if you didnt get your 7 hours of sleep? I mean yea keeping the roads safe and preventing drunk driving is an admirable task. Maybe not allow people to obtain 3 and 4 DUIs and still maintain a drivers license.

  7. Albemarle Says:

    6 Amen

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 Also, the added frontal area of wider tires takes a toll, at least with cars that are generally efficient. The only difference between a Camry LE hybrid and the other versions is that the SE/XLE/XSE have 30 mm wider tires on larger wheels. The mpg is ~11% lower.

  9. merv Says:

    6 repeat dui offenders – lets start there

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 Makes sense. Breathalizer built into all cars, no way.

  11. wmb Says:

    In Vehicle breathalyzers, while a lofty goal, won’t pass due to the fact that many of the repeat offenders are politicians, or has some means of power, or are friends of such!!! Why do you think the few get away with so much, when it comes to drinking and driving? Because the bigger number of those folks who repeat violate, are the people who make the rules! You want to see a greater decrease in drinking and driving? Remove the the ability of the police, law enforcement and legal entities (both prosecutors and defense attorneys, as well as judges) from allowing DUIs to be charged or allowing them to plea to a lesser offense! Make it a mandatory 90 days in jail and 5 year suspension of the drivers license for first offenses! That they are immediately removed from political office and are disqualified for running or holding office for 15 years! They also have to pay restitution for any and all damages they may have caused and all medical experiences for both themselves and those incurred by others that may have been involved in any accidents that their negligence may have caused! Repeat offenders should be looking at prison time, starting at 5 years, depending on the severity of the crime, on top of all the other things mentioned before! Getting off my soap box now.

    Regard CD and vehicle frontal area, What makes no sense to me, are not pick ups, but BEV semi trucks! Especially the cab over semi, that house no engine beneath the cab? Why are they so tall and wide, since their riding on a skateboard battery/motor assembly? My first thought was that this was as to design the cab to make air and wind flow better around the trailer, so that entire package is more aerodynamic. Yet, they could still lower the cab, while at the same time do just that!

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 Having the tractor about the same height as the trailer is the most aerodynamic. That’s why they have those appendages on top of conventional semi tractors. Are any of the cabovers taller than a standard closed “box” trailer?

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11,12 continued…

    The EV cabover semi tractors house really big batteries, like 300 kWh under the cab.

  14. wmb Says:

    #13.) that’s my point the semi’s with the engine in front just have higher when diffusers on top of the rig, to smooth out air flow. With the batteries between the EV motors in the skateboard, it would seem that the cab itself would not need to be that high, just a taller wind deflector (I don’t know what it is actually called, but it does help deflect and move the vehicles frontal air and turbulence around the vehicle), like the ICE cabs that have the engine in front of it! I guess, at the end of the day, for a vehicle of that size and width, it may not make much difference how tall the cab is. But, if such a thing makes a difference with pickups, shouldn’t it do the same with semi’s?

  15. Lambo2015 Says:

    11-14 Having driven semi’s I can tell you the high seated position is preferable as it allows the driver to see over the traffic ahead. It takes a lot more distance to stop so being able to see 3 -4 cars ahead of you is helpful.
    As for cab-over designs which have essentially disappeared in the states is still popular overseas due to the tighter areas. Its easier to make tight turns without a huge nose on the front. Which is why most city busses are flat nose while most school buses do have a nose. As for width, well the mirrors need to be out there anyway so might as well provide some room in the cab. However with the use of cameras in place of mirrors they probably could narrow up the cab some.

    I do think they could take liberties with the design when your not packaging a huge diesel motor. I think the Tesla’s truck with center seated position is a step in the right direction. Probably 95% of truckers are alone and most companies even have policies against taking passengers along. So really no need for a passenger seat other than for the few long haul team drivers. I think as more EV trucks come out we may see some different designs.