AAH #618 – Legacy Supplier Embraces EV Tech

October 6th, 2022 at 2:55pm

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Jeff Hemphill, Chief Technology Officer, Schaeffler

Schaeffler was an old-school Tier 1 supplier that made it’s name by manufacturing hardware components for cars and trucks. Not anymore. Now it’s plunging head first into making EV technology including advanced batteries, more efficient electric motors, hub motors and more. Jeff Hemphill, the CTO of Schaeffler joins us for a fascinating look into how a legacy supplier is pivoting into the EV segment.

Mike Austin, Guidehouse Insights
Gary Vasilash, on Automotive
John McElroy, Autoline.tv

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One Comment to “AAH #618 – Legacy Supplier Embraces EV Tech”

  1. Richard Hinkel Says:

    I am a Big Tesla fan. Have been ever since they came out with the electric coupe. Don’t forget the BOT to bring down MFG costs.
    AI Day Musk said Most people don’t understand Tesla is a Tech company. FSD, DOJO etc. Let’s look at the power storage being adopted by cities and countries around the world; ie Australia Tesla the solar roof company. Ian with 145 mile hour winds (roof stay intact) and flood water above a Tesla power wall. Water receded and there was power. Tesla as a Lithium company and it’s own supplier. Tesla building it’s own batterie company.
    When batteries are less expensive and their margin are growing, then they will have a less expensive car to sell with good margins.
    As for style, I think consumers don’t care about style like years ago. When you see a Model S do you say that is 2014 no, it could be a 2022 so why not buy a used Tesla if they all look the same. How about Teslas Semi’s. The Cyber truck (1.5 million orders) and are no longer accepting new orders at this time. They still have to build this back order
    Model symbols are old S and X are original, but Mfg and components have been improving. Watch Monroe LIVE. 3 and Y are the second generation in Styling. Styling stays the same but MFG and components get updated. Robo car will be the next generation. Having their lease cars returned and selling close to the original costs because off price increases? Tesla insurance. Tesla chargers making profits..
    I don’t understand how Tesla can do 20 Million cars by 2030 but I’ve learned to never bet Tesla short. Profits will always be excellent. When Tesla was started, one of Musk’s goal was to make electric cars mainstream. Yes he has done that in a big way Thanks for letting me rant.