AAH #619 – Buick Design & the Brand’s Electric Future

October 13th, 2022 at 2:55pm

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Bob Boniface, Director of Global Design, Buick

2:00 Boniface design background
21:40 Buick Wildcat Concept
23:45 Buick Electra-X Concept
24:50 Reviving Old Nameplates
31:20 Heritage in New Buick Design
34:45 EV vs. ICE Design
43:40 New Buick Logo
46:45 Thoughts on Big Screens in New Cars
52:45 Buick vs. Cadillac Design
56:40 How China Affects Buick Design

Joe DeMatio, Hagerty
Greg Migliore, Autoblog
Gary Vasilash, on Automotive

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One Comment to “AAH #619 – Buick Design & the Brand’s Electric Future”

  1. Rick Sand Says:

    Just a thank you for an informative interview with the great Bob Boniface. It’s such a pleasure to see someone as enthusiastic as he is about what he is doing! They absolutely need a brand champion like him. GM has treated Buick like a red-headed stepchild in the U.S. market for far too long now. We’ve seen incredible show cars from Buick in the last decade – some of the best work Design Staff is capable of – yet nothing in the showroom except practically salesproof, timid placeholders. Bob Boniface knows what Buick should stand for. I hope upper management will give him and his team the backing they deserve to develop PRODUCTION Buicks on this side of the ocean that people can get excited about and want to buy again. Appreciate you letting me rant!