AAH #635 – The IRA Threatens a Half Dozen Automakers

February 16th, 2023 at 2:57pm

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- How the IRA Will Impact Automakers
- Ford’s Big Job Cuts in Europe
- Ford Invests $3.5 Billion in New Battery Plant

Mike Barrott, Plante Moran
Mike Martinez, Automotive News
Devin Lindsay, S&P Global
Gary Vasilash, on Automotive
John McElroy, Autoline.tv

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3 Comments to “AAH #635 – The IRA Threatens a Half Dozen Automakers”

  1. Nc Says:

    Great conversation on doubt of the EV transition. I know your skill level is all ICE and to go to zero is very hard. But get ready just like the breeder who knew all about horses . His skill level went to zero on the mechanical engine.

    Instead of fuel/air mixture it is now, drag and kilowatt efficiency.

  2. Nc Says:

    Nobody was willing to step up and predict which OEM would struggle, go bankrupt first.

    Please, show the drop in sales for ICE cars. We see the growth in EV at 50 to 100 percent, well every EV is one less ICE car. If GM will produce this year we will be at about 10 percent market share for EV.

    You know the contract, how much does the supplier raise the price when volume drops 10 percent?

  3. merv Says:

    Mercedes meets George Costanza