AAH #639 – Sandy Munro & Cory Steuben On Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3

March 16th, 2023 at 2:57pm

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Sandy Munro, Vehicle Teardown Specialist, Munro & Associates
Cory Steuben, President, Munro & Associates

Tesla’s new assembly process and what it will take for Tesla to come out with a $25,000 car and still make a profit.

Gary Vasilash, on Automotive
John McElroy, Autoline.tv

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8 Comments to “AAH #639 – Sandy Munro & Cory Steuben On Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3”

  1. gary ehmcke Says:

    I enjoy every minute of your programs I am a retired ford mechanic..electric tech.for 50 years thanks for being who you all are keep it going

  2. David Duckworth Says:

    John, Your comment about having 20 seconds for someone to walk back to their start position is outdated. Current Assembly Plant conveyances have evoled to platforms to allow the operator to work in an envolope and not having to walk in pace with the conveyor. When Telsa said that they would be reducing the size of their assembly plant by 40% did they state what that reduction would be from? Would they be taking a 3 million sq. ft plant and reducing it to 1.8 million sq. ft. or something else? How does their current plant size compare to other OEM plants.

  3. Scott Stephenson Says:

    This one will go down as one of the AAH classics. Awesome show. On any auto forum I’m on, there are two sites I’ll always recommend to the other members as being absolutely unique and highly educational. You guessed it: Autoline and Munro Live. Thanks guys.

  4. George Ricci Says:

    At 14:40 they talk about a youtube video that John McElroy did on how Tesla is changing the way vehicles are assembled. You can find it here.

  5. Jim Sanfilippo Says:

    Clearing up the euphemism you were trying to remember; it’s “Liars figure and figures lie”!!!! Loved the show! Was similarly impressed with Musk and his people, viewing the subject Tesla conference on line as I did. What strikes me so hard in sum, is Tesla’s “vision”. Its dynamics are visible everywhere one looks in the company.

  6. Mike Finko Says:

    Tesla creating their own OS has both benefits/drawbacks, like everything. Most likely it’s for ‘running’ the car vs. infotainment & non-critical systems. There are many based on MS and Linux, but with ‘Software Designed cars’ they will start to take on a much larger role. John most likely knows this and lot’s about OS’s, but I think I found a weak spot in Sandy’s knowledge, or more likely, he just got a little riled up with SAP’s inflexibility – SAP’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is not comparable to an ‘OS’, it’s like comparing a vehicle’s electric system to a tire, both are necessary, but play different roles. All ERP’s are notoriously difficult to implement (serious pain and business disruption) but without one any normal sized company can’t go far ‘financially’ – so, it’s as if running a manufacturing plant from the 80′s, exactly the same way today, very wasteful & sloppy.

    Great show, as alwasy!

    So, your all going to be heavy ‘buyers’ of Tesla stock now that you understand their efficiencies so well? ;-)

  7. Mike Finko Says:

    Changing people at GM will not solve the fundamental issue – getting comfortable in a job (any job, any industry). Toyota recognized this and regularly (1 – 3 years?) mandates job rotation. People are typically more motivated / energized in the early years of employment, there are exceptions of course, but a business should be run on the average, not the exception.

  8. Nc Says:

    David, the plant size is not actually reduced. You just use the space to produce more.

    The battery plant size has been reduced by about 1/2 for the improvements in making the 4680dry cell.