AD #3565 – GM Going Back to EU with EVs; Wuling Mini EV Now Only $2,850; McLaren Embraces IC Engines

May 11th, 2023 at 11:56am

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Runtime: 9:55

0:00 Greenpeace Warns of Idle ICE Plants
0:59 GM Forms New Commercial Vehicle Business Unit
1:44 GM Going Back to EU with EVs
2:21 Honda Expenses Rising Faster Than Sales
2:54 Nissan Earnings Looking Better
4:10 Lexus Teases New GX
4:38 McLaren Embraces IC Engines
5:20 Maserati Dumping V8s
5:50 Alpine Tweaks the R5
6:27 VW ID.7 GTX Gets In-House Motors
7:22 GM Cruise Heads for Houston, Dallas
7:49 Wuling Mini EV Now Only $2,850

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22 Comments to “AD #3565 – GM Going Back to EU with EVs; Wuling Mini EV Now Only $2,850; McLaren Embraces IC Engines”

  1. Albemarle Says:

    With all this excess capacity in China, I expect they will be approaching North America with a resolution to the high tariffs, offering to lower China’s in exchange for better access to the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
    I hope our political leaders don’t fall for that. There are precious few big 3 vehicles that are wanted in China, but the low prices and wide selection from China will decimate the domestic auto industry; undoing all the efforts being done to reshore manufacturing.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    I’ll admit I’m one of those AV sceptics and I’m not denying it works. My skepticism is that it has limitations. Dallas is a good location as they still get snow on occasion, and this will provide some insight on how well AV adapts to changing weather conditions. It’s really hard for a camera to follow road lines when the road is all white covered in snow. I dont believe AV can overcome this yet and it means anyone that counts on that technology to get anywhere, had better have a plan B when there is any minimal snowfall.

  3. GM Veteran Says:

    GM Envolve: good idea, terrible name. In addition to meaning nothing, its even hard to pronounce.

    Its amazing over the years how Nissan has shrunk. They used to be a solid #2 to Toyota. Now they are far behind Honda in revenue. I knew they were smaller than Honda, but I did not realize the gap had gotten this large.

    I think the VW EVs are okay. But, that’s a problem. Their styling is really vanilla. Not much to get excited about. Lots of other more interesting and expressive designs available.

  4. GM Veteran Says:

    1 – I agree. With the our domestic industry abandoning small cars and midsize sedans, and with the lowest MSRPs now in the mid-$30,000s, the Chinese companies have a big opportunity here. They could flood our market with good quality, inexpensive vehicles that would be attractive to strapped American family budgets. The quality perception would be overcome pretty quickly. Likely much faster than it was for Japanese and Korean vehicles.

  5. Lambo2015 Says:

    Some real math wizards there at Greenpeace. China has the capacity to manufacture 40 Million vehicles and currently has a market of 25 million. Thats 62.5% So currently more than 1/3rd of the plants are already idle or below capacity. So not a real fortune telling breakthrough there Greenpeace. Oh and that has nothing to do with NEVs, that’s the current state.
    Id say convert your ICE plants as demand requires not because Greenpeace does some obvious math predicting a condition that already exists.

  6. XA351GT Says:

    #1 Agree 100% All one has to do look back . In the 1970s Japan dumped cheap cars on the US market and seriously put a hurting on the Big 3 and eventually helped kill off AMC . In the 80 and 90s it was the Koreans following the same play book and putting another dent in the Big 3 . Allowing China to dump low priced trash (let’s get serious it will be garbage they send here)Cheap disposable cars that will clutter the landscape the minute they break as it will be cheaper to replace than repair IF you could get the parts. Ask Chinese scooter owners if you’re not sure.

  7. wmb Says:

    #3.) I agree that VW’s ID styling I vanilla and could do with something a little more exciting. I think that is why Ford went with a variation of the Mustang with the Mach-E. Yet, Toyota have none the sleeper design for years and done while with that, too! I just wonder what they what styling says “VW”, that would move the needle with potential buyers?

    I hope the new GX does a better job of incorporating the ‘spindle’ grill then the last GX. IMHO, Lexus grill looks better on most of their sedans and smallest CUVs, then it does on the RX and the body on frame vehicles.

  8. thredd Says:

    BYD is HUGE in China and yet they sell nothing here. Nobody is worried about any Chinese vehicles in the USA for now. Many are startup companies and most people would consider them far less than standard. BYD would certainly have started if it was feasible. Probably crash tests, tariffs and other factors holding them back. But it seems they certainly would have the ability.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 BYD sells buses in the U.S.

  10. XA351GT Says:

    So If Renault ever decides to send the new 5 to the US will they call it the Le Electric Car ?

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 There’s little reason to think that if China sells cars here, they would be trash. The Chinese Buick Envision has equal quality to GM car from the US, Canada, and Mexico. All of the smart phones and TVs from China have decent quality.

  12. Merv Says:

    11 for sure,decent quality

  13. Albemarle Says:

    The only reason the Chinese aren’t here in volume is the tariff.

  14. Albemarle Says:

    Didn’t Peter D warn everyone when they were so anxious to get in bed with Chinese firms that they will regret it later?

  15. Lambo2015 Says:

    11 A GM factory in China and a Chinese start-up is much different in my book. Having seen some of the crap that China pawns off in the US market, I dont have much trust in their quality. Yeah maybe they do make great phones or TVs when they are held to the quality standards of a parent company. But left to their own devices, and having experienced the knock-off designs or products with cheaply made internals. Toxic chemicals, lead based paints or just weak metals they make a lot of inferior products that are all about making it cheaper. You get what you pay for and I would be surprised if China hits the NA shore with a good quality product.
    Even Korea had its struggles and makes a decent car now but they were no so great at first so maybe China took notes. We will see but I wont be buying anything from them.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 BYD are selling cars in Europe, where people buy cars more for quality and performance, rather than by the pound, which many Americans do. I suspect tariffs would be used to mostly keep the Chinese out. Of course, they could get around that by building factories in North America. BYD already builds buses in the US.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 Yep, the first Hyundai sold the US, the Excel two door hatch, was simple, basic, but unreliable. A friend had one.

  18. Lambo2015 Says:

    16 Honestly, I don’t care even if BYD or any other Chinese company does come to the US with a decent product. I still wont be buying it. I think the competition is good for business and forces all to be better. But much like the “buy local” sentiment to support your local farmer and small businesses my whole career has been in the auto industry and so it seems silly to not support the hand that feeds me. Sure the waters have been muddied by the foreign transplants and brands like Jeep that have changed hands from American to Diamler to Fiat to Stelantis. Some would point out that everything is global now with outsourcing even an American car can have more foreign parts than US content. So does it really matter? Maybe not, but I also feel like we are cutting our own throats by supporting the cheap labor of other countries. No one seem to mind exploiting the cheaper labor of Mexico until we saw so many manufacturing jobs leave this country. Then we did the same with India and just kept moving manufacturing to wherever the labor was the cheapest. We decimated our auto industry then our steel industry then even our computer industry. If we dont support building anything here well soon enough we wont make anything here and we will have a two tier society with the wealthy and the poor. We will have outsourced all are middle income blue collar jobs. Its already happening and no signs of slowing down. So for now I’ll stick with my gas powered American made vehicles and wait and see what my options are in 2035.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 I wouldn’t buy a BYD either, even if they are good products, and wouldn’t buy a Chinese Buick, given all of the alternatives. I do buy European cars, though. They do not compete by using cheap labor. They compete by making products I like.


    I am sure GM wishes that they had Opel/SAAB to release their electric drive cars. Re-establishing brands in Europe is going to be extremely expensive for many years to come. Far more money will be spent to reestablish a brand in europe then would have been needed to bring opel/vauxhaul/SAAB up to speed.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 Opel/Vauxhall were mainly lower end cars like Corsa and Astra. It won’t be easy, but newly establishing brands like Cadillac and Buick might be better for pricey EVs, than with Opel and Vauxhall, if they still had those brands.

    Maybe GM still owns the SAAB brand, if they wanted to use it. That might make sense.

  22. Lambo2015 Says:

    On 13 June 2012, Saab Automobile AB and its subsidiaries as well as the Saab factory had been acquired by a Chinese consortium called National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS)

    In 2009 Production was suspended until late 2013, when the new ownership launched a limited run of 380 2014 model year 9-3 sedans.
    So I dont think GM has any ownership in Saab anymore.