AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: Detroit Ignored Small Cars

October 7th, 2008 at 4:57pm

As heard on
WWJ Newsradio 950

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When Jim Farley was at Toyota he was stunned by Detroit’s total lack of response to the small car market.

What really put Jim Farley on everyone’s radar screen in the auto industry is when he was put in charge of launching the Scion brand for Toyota. He led a brilliant launch of three small cars, the Scion xA, the xB and the tC. At the same time, Toyota launched another small car, the Yaris.

Sales of those small cars quickly boosted Toyota’s sales by 250,000 units and gave the company more market share. Farley says he braced himself, fully convinced that Detroit’s Big Three would respond to Toyota’s bold move.

Instead, he was flabbergasted by the total lack of response from the American automakers. But that was then. Now Farley is at Ford, and it will have 6 new small cars coming out in the next four years.

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  2. John Says:

    John McElroy, are you aware that the only way to view and/or enter the “comment” section of this blog is via. the “Archives” section on the right side of the page?

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  3. Laurance M. Miller Says:

    Sad, but good news. Why did it take someone from Toyota to wake Ford up? They should have done this thirty years ago during the first gasoline crisis. Are we Americans so in grained in “bigger-is-better” that we loose site of the obvious? I look forward to Ford’s new Eurpean entries. But, when?