2009 Honda Fit

October 17th, 2008 at 5:25pm

Runtime: 3:21

Honda established its reputation by building high-quality, fuel-efficient small cars. And that tradition continues today with its completely redesigned Fit. The popular subcompact is all-new from the ground up and offers drivers a lot in terms of features and dynamics. Now, as truck and SUV sales cool down to arctic levels, consumers have been tuning up the heat. The small car market is smoking hot right now and Honda’s right in the heart of the segment. But has the company kept the good, baked-in “Fitness” of the original or have they watered the new car down?

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7 Comments to “2009 Honda Fit”

  1. Tom Martin Says:

    I liked the first generation Fit, but I understand this one is better yet. I agree that I don’t understand why the mileage isn’t superior to a Civic or Corolla. Maybe the promised hybrid version will get mid-40′s mpg. In the next year, I want to buy a car that gets excellent mileage. The Fit will be a strong candidate.

  2. mitch Says:

    If the rated mileage is only 35, what is the real world number? My 02 civic is rated at 38, but I actually get about 45 highway. This is as good as Prius. Something’s up.

  3. Bill Says:

    I liked the first generaion Fit for it’s combination of fun to drive character and the roomy and flexible interior. But the styling and refinement left me cold. The new fit for me is a winner. Honda fixed all the areas that needed to be done over and left in the fun to drive character. And the interior is not only more flexible than before with the ‘magic seat’ but also really stylish and of high quality as well. I also love the way this one looks. So much nicer and more modern than the last one. Even though it is an evolutionary change, it just looks right. In fact, it’s going to be my next car. I like it that much. From other blogs I have read, most owners of the new Fit are getting better than the rated gas mileage with their cars. I can hardly wait to get the deal done and drive it home. The Japanese, especially Honda,are simply the best at engineering and packaging small cars.

  4. Tom Tyson Says:

    Excellent road-test commentary on the Honda Fit! John McElroy minces few words, but gives a solid description of the test vehicles. As this test demonstrates, the Honda Fit is another excellent example of Honda’s superior engineering, durability and product-build quality — another “best-in-class” car for Honda.

    –Tom Tyson

  5. Hugues Therien Says:

    I own a Honda Fit Sport 2007, and I wonder as well why the mileage is not any better but after 20000 Km it is improving. My reasoning is that it is so much livelier than other sub compacts that you have to burn more gas. I do not care it is worth it to have more fun driving. I wanted a basic car with no frills and a manual transmition and this was very important to me, problem was no dealership had a fit with a manual transmission in stock and none were coming in except for that Sport model I bought.What surprised me most is the maintenance minder, it tells you when to change the oil and do your general service, I have changed (the dealer) the oil only 3 times and I bought the very first one that was not the show room model back in June 2006! Contrary to you guys I prefer the styling of the older model, I do not like the big A pillar window but understand why they made it bigger because visibility is a problem for me! I do not regret my purchase.


  6. Matt Otterloo Says:

    I drove the 2009 Jetta TDI the other day and was getting 4.0 l/100km (that’s 58.81 mpg US)cruising on level ground at 55 miles per hour and pushing a head wind. Average over 50 mile trip (50/50 city/highway) was roughly 5 l/100 km (47 mpg US). This car has a very powerful motor (236 ft lbs of torque)- passing is a breeze…very, very satisfying to drive. A very, very solid vehicle.

    The fit is a great vehicle too – I’ve driven it as well – but doesn’t compare to the overall feeling of solidity and quality the Jetta has – an absolutely superb vehicle. Door closes like a vault. But don’t take my word for it – go test drive one!

  7. Matt Otterloo Says:

    The Jetta weights 800 lbs more than the fit – makes mileage even more incredible.