AAH #51 – Toyota’s Family Feud

April 16th, 2010 at 10:01am

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This week we welcome Walter McManus, an economist at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and Director of the Automotive Analysis Group. He’ll be joining us to discuss the news as well as talk about CAFE standards and some recent studies his organization has been performing. John McElroy’s in studio with David Welch from BusinessWeek and Bloomberg News as well as Scott Burgess from the Detroit News who’s filling in while Peter De Lorenzo is on the road.

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2 Comments to “AAH #51 – Toyota’s Family Feud”

  1. Andrew Charles Says:

    The Mustang and Camaro get away with V6s because the rwd layout allows better-breathing intake and exhaust systems.

    No-one remembers the new 2011 Avalon because it is exactly the same as the old Avalon.

    The NHTSA CAFE proposal for 2011-2015 used a curve, but the new 2012-2016 standard uses a straight line between the minimum and maximum standards.

    You can talk about increasing the blend ratio, but the problem is the installed user base which can’t use anything more than E10. In Germany they talk about increasing the blend ratio from E5 to E10, but they have the same problem. Although current vehicles can use E10 OK, they have a large user base of vehicles that can’t use more than E5.

  2. Rick Wakefield Says:

    I had to wait until Monday before this AAH show was available to be watched for some reason and it has turned out to be The Most Painful show to watch yet.
    I’m refering to the guest and trying to listen to him explain all this. He was / is a terrible speaker and once he was given the floor to explain what he is supposed to be Expert at it was just plain painful.
    It is the first time that I have ever not watched a complete show from beginning to end.
    It was actually the ONLY show I have not enjoyed.
    Do not put this guy in front of the cameras again. I hope that he can articulate his research on paper, but he sure can’t do it verbally.
    Very disappointed, again for the first time.