2008 Buick Enclave

Vehicle Review from “Re-Engineering GM”

Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 7/22 @ 10:30am ET
(Original Airdate)
Sunday, 7/22 @ 12:00pm ET
Wednesday, 7/25 @ 10:30am ET

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  1. Entire Show: Watch Entire Show

  2. Segment 1: Petroleum Futures


    • Lou Ann Hammond, Carlist.com
  3. Segment 2: GM’s Global Strategies


    • Jim Queen, Group VP, Global Engineering, General Motors


    • John McElroy, Host, Autoline Detroit
    • Frank Markus, Motor Trend
    • Shaun Bailey, Road & Track
  4. Review: 2008 Buick Enclave

  5. EXTRA: Jim Queen


The improved, and in some instances, award-winning product released by GM of late has the auto world talking. From the media to dealers to Wall Street, everyone has been analyzing the company's product renaissance and accessing its next steps. One of the executives with a front row seat for all the planning is Jim Queen, GM's Group vice president, Global Engineering. Mr. Queen visits Autoline Detroit this week to discuss among other topics, what he calls, "regionalizing" General Motors vehicles around the world. Join John McElroy and his panel, Frank Markus from Motor Trend and Shaun Bailey of Road & Track, as they talk to Jim Queen about GM's global engineering strategy.

Also, as gasoline prices spike back up to $3.50/gallon and more, energy expert Lou Ann Hammond from Carlist.com joins John in studio again, this time to discuss the arcane world of petroleum futures.

And finally, in this week's Autoline Detroit Vehicle Spotlight is the hot new crossover from General Motors, the Buick Enclave.