“High Voltage” (#1133)

Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 9/2 @ 10:30am ET
(Original Airdate)
Sunday, 9/2 @ 7:00am ET
Wednesday, 9/5 @ 10:30am ET

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  2. Segment 1: The Shock of the New


    • Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman, Global Product Development
    • General Motors
  3. Segment 2: MBS Update: New Optimism


    • Dr. David Cole, Chairman, Center for Automotive Research
  4. Segment 3: Volt Production Preparations, Pitfalls


    • Frank Weber, Global Vehicle Line Executive, E-Flex
    • General Motors
  5. EXTRA: Michael Chetcuti, CEO, Quality Metalcraft


Ever since GM "electrified" the auto world with its Chevy Volt announcement a few months back, they've been working behind the scenes trying to make this "game-changing" concept into a viable production vehicle. Negotiations with Tier Ones & Twos, tweaking designs along with testing, testing and more testing recently led GM Vice Chairman of Global Product Development Bob Lutz to charge up to Traverse City, Michigan and update the automotive industry on the Volt's progress. As one of the main speakers at the Center for Automotive Research's Management Briefing Seminars, he not only spoke to the packed house but also stopped by Autoline Detroit's mobile studio for a talk with John McElroy. He brought along the E-Flex Global Vehicle Line Executive, Frank Weber, so John could get the latest update first-hand on the design challenges GM faces as it hopes to bring this vehicle to market by 2010. In addition, John speaks to CAR Chairman Dr. David Cole to get his analysis on where the industry is today and what impact this seminar has on it year in, year out.