“Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes” (#1138)

Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 10/21 @ 10:30am ET
(Original Airdate)
Sunday, 10/21 @ 7:00am ET
Wednesday, 10/24 @ 10:30am ET

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  1. PLAYING: Entire Show

  2. Segment 1: UAW Contracts


    • David Welch, BusinessWeek
    • Tom Walsh, Detroit Free Press
  3. Segment 2: Toyota Personnel Changes


    • David Welch, BusinessWeek
    • Tom Walsh, Detroit Free Press
  4. Review: 2008 Honda Accord

  5. EXTRA: Scot Sharland, AIAG


Evolve, remake, transform...whichever verb you choose it all comes down to major change in the auto industry these days on many fronts. From the revolutionary new contracts with the United Auto Workers to the surprising talent drain from Toyota to Detroit, the automotive press has been staying up late trying to keep up with all the change going on. This week Autoline Detroit devotes the show to updating and analyzing many of these recent disruptive automotive moves.

Joining John McElroy on the panel to discuss these changes is David Welch from BusinessWeek and Tom Walsh from the Detroit Free Press.

And as we near this November's 25th anniversary of the first American- built Honda Accord, John also takes a look at the newly redesigned '08 Accord.