“I, Robot - Part 2” (#1142)

Internet Premiere
Wednesday, 11/14 @ 12:00pm ET
Sunday, 12/9 @ 7:00am ET
Wednesday, 12/12 @ 10:30am ET

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  1. PLAYING: Entire Show

  2. Segment 1: OEM Involvement


    • Dr. Jurgen Leohold, Head of Group Research, Volkswagen AG
  3. Segment 2: Intelligent Driving


    • Bill Kozyra, President, Continental North America
  4. Segment 3: The Student Perspective


    • Ed Olson, Ph.D. Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. EXTRA: Chip Ganassi, Chip Ganassi Racing


Once programmed, robots just go, go and go some more. And that's just what the Autoline Detroit crew did at the DARPA Urban Challenge last week. We shot so many interviews that they could not all be included on the broadcast version of Autoline. So we have put together an Internet-only "part-two" show from Victorville, California, the site of this Defense Department-sponsored autonomous vehicle contest. Joining John McElroy to talk about robots, the competition and the future of driverless vehicles are: Dr. Jurgen Leohold, the head of R & D for all Volkswagen brands, Bill Kozyra, the president of Tier One supplier Continental North America, and Ed Olson, an MIT Ph.D. student specializing in robot navigation.