“The Garagistes” (#1220)

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Sunday, 5/25 @ 10:30am ET
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Monday, 5/26 @ 1:30am ET
Friday, 5/30 @ 4:30am ET

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  2. Segment 1: Garage Tour & Interview


    • Bruce Meyer, Hot Rod Enthusiast & Collector
  3. Segment 2: SoCal Enthusiasts

  4. Segment 3: Showroom Tour & Interview


    • Peter Mullin, Collector, French Streamlined Cars
  5. EXTRA: Petersen Automotive Museum

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  7. EXTRA: Bruce Meyer, Hot Rod Enthusiast & Collector

  8. EXTRA: Peter Mullin, Collector, French Streamlined Cars



There's a group of young, innovative winemarkers in France's Bordeaux region who are known as The Garagistes for creating "Vins de garage" or Garage wine. They run counter to the established French wine community -- no 300-year-old vineyards, no advertising, and most of all no multi-million dollar chateau. Yet, even without those benefits, these prodigies have created worldwide demand for their wine collections amid the humble surroundings of an everyday garage.

To a certain extent, California has its own version of The Garagistes who are less concerned with wine than they are cold metal -- the kind that comes from Detroit, Stuttgart and Tokyo -- the cold metal of collectible cars. And it doesn't matter if the garage only holds one vintage Mustang or 15 new Maseratis; to this group it's all about the cars, the people and their community.

In this week's episode of "Autoline in LA," John McElroy explores one of the more unique aspects of Southern California's car culture: collecting. And seemingly everyone in California does it. What's even more amazing is most don't lock these vehicles away, they drive them. In fact, every weekend hundreds of those car lovers pull their prized possessions out of the garage and head to parking lots just off the 405 in Orange County's Irvine and Huntington Beach. There, from 6 to 9 a.m. each Saturday morning, 52-weeks a year, this loose-knit community comes together to celebrate cars. Join John as he takes you to Donut Derelicts as well as Cars and Coffee to show you the passion and excitement that so many in SoCal have for vintage cars.

And speaking of passion for cars, you'd be hard-pressed to find it any stronger than in our other two guests, Bruce Meyer and Peter Mullin, as they open their private -- rarely seen on television -- collections for Autoline: one containing mostly hot rods while the other some of the most fabulous Art Deco French cars in existence.

That's this week on "Autoline in LA" where true treasures may be as close as the garage.

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