“Inside Toyota” (#1225)

Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 6/29 @ 10:30am ET
(Original Airdate)
Sunday, 6/29 @ 7:00am ET
Friday, 7/4 @ 4:30am ET

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  1. PLAYING: Entire Show

  2. Segment 1: South Campus LEED Green Building Tour


    • Sandy Smith, Corporate Mgr., Real Estate & Facilities, Toyota
  3. Segment 2: Torrance Campus


    • Bob Carter, Group VP & GM, Toyota
  4. Segment 3: Inside CALTY Design Studio


    • Kevin Hunter, President, CALTY Design Research
  5. EXTRA: Toyota USA Automobile Museum

  6. EXTRA: More EXTRAs from this show

  7. EXTRA: Bob Carter, Group VP & GM, Toyota



In the shadow of its 50th year in America, the Toyota story in the 'States can essentially be condensed into four acts: early miscalculation, reassessment & rebirth, philosophical commitment and sales persistence. These four chapters in the Toyota journey have turned this one-time distant player in the automotive industry into the dominant auto maker in the world. And much of that success comes from Toyota's amazing story here in the U.S. From the introduction of the poorly-engineered Toyopet in the late '50s to its waves of small economical gas-friendly imports to today's American-built cadre of cars, trucks and SUVs, this company has redefined the industry with its quality, product and core values reflected in everything Toyota.

This week on Autoline in LA John McElroy takes you inside Toyota when he visits the company's Southern California facilities. It starts with a look at its huge campus in Torrance just south of Los Angeles, includes a talk with Toyota sales boss Bob Carter, moves over to a fascinating look at the company's award-winning and environmentally- friendly South Campus Building and then concludes with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Toyota's CALTY Design Studio with President Kevin Hunter.

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