“Auto Oracles” (#1229)

Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 7/27 @ 10:30am ET
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  3. Segment 2: Auto Oracles


    • John Smith, Group VP, Global Product Planning, General Motors
    • Larry Dominique, VP, Product Planning, Nissan North America
  4. Segment 3: John's Closing Thoughts

  5. EXTRA: John Smith, General Motors, Larry Dominique, Nissan North America



Trying to figure out the future has probably been a hominid passion since the first Neanderthals grunted their way through the Ice Age. And even though their "more evolved" ancestors have employed tools like Astrology, Tarot cards and Clairvoyant readings since, the future, arguably, hasn't gotten any clearer.

So if it's darn near impossible to decipher if Uncle Jack is going to give you, and not your cousin, that Civil War sword you've longed for, how the heck do the auto companies, with billions of dollars on the line, accurately predict the future? With a multitude of products and a five year lead time facing them as they jostle external forces like rising steel, fuel and labor costs to name a few, this is not a job for the faint of heart. It requires the expertise of a top level engineer, a great understanding of tomorrow's consumer and perhaps even a little help from Dionne Warwick and that Psychic Friends Network doesn't hurt either.

On this week's Autoline, John McElroy interviews two of today's leading Product Planners for the Auto Industry. John Smith is the Group Vice President for Global Product Planning at General Motors while Larry Dominique is Nissan's Vice President of Product Planning for North America. Both men join John to discuss the high wire walk that many Product Planners are faced with as the market changes on seemingly a daily basis.

So if you're wondering what it's like to peer into a crystal ball and see the cars of the future, join John and the men who make it their business to know what we'll want to drive on down the line this Sunday.