“Scramble” (#1240)

Internet Premiere
Friday, 10/31 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 11/2 @ 10:30am ET
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  3. Segment 1: Auto Industry Downturn


    • Paul Haelterman, CSM Worldwide
    • Rebecca Lindland, IHS Global Insight
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  5. EXTRA: Paul Haelterman, CSM Worldwide, Rebecca Lindland, IHS Global Insight



Rebecca Lindland of IHS Global Insight and Paul Haelterman from CSM Worldwide. Topic: The worldwide credit crisis, its effect on the global auto industry and the future of the Detroit Three.

If only describing a local golf event, a pressured quarterback or your morning breakfast, then "scramble" is a rather innocuous term. But when examining today's topsy-turvy automotive industry, where down is up, left is right and you may never know the players again with or without a scorecard, the word "scramble" takes on a darker connotation thanks to the worldwide financial meltdown. The credit and cash crunch may have started with banks but it quickly filtered its way to all businesses, especially the tenuous auto industry. Things were iffy before September when everyone was still hoping for somewhere around 13 million in sales. Now who knows how low the number could go? And then there's Chrysler, which, using Greek Mythology as our guide, seems in search of its own Hercules (see GM) to escape from Hades (see Cerberus -- the three-headed dog & the company). Confused yet? Well you're not alone. That's why John McElroy has invited these two top industry analysts to "unscramble" the situation on this week's Autoline.