“The Brothers Grimm” (#1311)

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Friday, 4/3 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 4/5 @ 10:30am ET
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John Stoll, Wall Street Journal, Tom Walsh, Detroit Free Press, Michael Robinet, CSM Worldwide. Topic: The latest news surrounding GM and Chrysler.

Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm are the 19th century German authors who brought stories like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White to life. Yet their authorship seemed lost to the majority once Walt Disney got involved. Walt put those stories to film, the legend exploded, and the Grimm’s became but credits in these 'Disney' branded fantasies.

To some degree Chrysler and General Motors could become this year's version of the Brothers Grimm. As each company struggles to successfully reorganize, there will no doubt develop a lengthy list of questions as to whom and what will remain in the wake at each. Those answers will most likely come courtesy of the White House. The same White House that will surely take credit for any rebirth of these brands. The same White House that GM and Chrysler might start referring to as 'Walt.'

This week on Autoline join John McElroy, John Stoll from the Wall Street Journal, Tom Walsh from the Detroit Free Press and Michael Robinet of CSM Worldwide as they discuss the ramifications of the White House's automotive edict.