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Neil De Koker, OESA

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“Supply Shock”

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Friday, 4/17 @ 12:00pm ET
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Sunday, 4/19 @ 10:30am ET
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This EXTRA clip is from: “Supply Shock”

Last week the government provided $3.5 billion in aid to auto suppliers that will be funneled through General Motors and Chrysler. But what about Ford’s suppliers, are they in just as much trouble as GM’s and Chrysler’s? On this edition of Autoline EXTRA, John McElroy sits down to talk with the voice of the supplier industry, Neil De Koker from the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA). They discuss the health of Ford’s suppliers and if they need financial aid, how the downturn is affecting suppliers R&D budgets, and also if Chinese suppliers are interested in joining the OESA. Joining John in the discussion are Jewel Gopwani from the Detroit Free Press and Tom Murphy from Ward’s Auto World.