Automotive Manufacturing

Segment 2 from “Bulking Up”

Internet Premiere
Friday, 5/8 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 5/10 @ 10:30am ET
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  1. Entire Show: Watch Entire Show

  2. Open: John's Open

  3. Segment 1: California’s CO2 Regulations


    • Tom Cackette, Deputy Director, CARB
  4. Segment 2: Automotive Manufacturing


    • Jim Harbour, Author, "Factory Man"
  5. Close: John's Closing Thoughts



Tom Cackette, Deputy Director, CARB, Jim Harbour, Author, "Factory Man". Topic: California’s CO2 regulations and automotive manufacturing.

When athletes look to add body mass many turn to an increase of their carb intake. When the largest car market in America looks to "bulk up" vehicle emissions, it turns to a different kind of carb, the California Air Resources Board. Known around the industry by its acronym CARB, this influential board's mission is to reduce air pollutants which of course affect drivers and automakers alike. This week in an Autoline Exclusive, John talks to CARB's Deputy Director Tom Cackette from his office in Sacramento via the Internet communications tool, Skype. Dominating the discussion is the future of auto emission regulations not only in California but across the country and throughout the world.

Afterwards, John is joined back in the Autoline studio by Jim Harbour to discuss his career in the auto industry that's captured in the new book, "Factory Man." Mr. Harbour, who in addition to his role as a Big Three auto executive, is also the founder of the influential eponymously-named manufacturing analytic, "The Harbour Report."