“The "Re" Word” (#1320)

Internet Premiere
Friday, 6/5 @ 12:00pm ET

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    • Tom Stephens, Vice Chairman, Global Product Development, General Motors




Bob Lutz, GM, Ed Welburn, GM, Tom Stephens, GM. Topic: Interview with GM's Bob Lutz, Ed Welburn and Tom Stephens.

General Motors embarked on a new journey this week. It may have gone kicking and screaming but a new journey nonetheless. Some say it will lead to a "rebirth" of the company while others insist there will be a "renaissance" at GM. Yet the description the company seems to have decided on -- at least for its latest advertising campaign -- is re: invention; something that's been going on in the product end of the business for some time now. So as Fritz Henderson and his team begin to explore the new financial frontier ahead of them, outgoing Vice Chairman Bob Lutz and his replacement Tom Stephens along with Global Design Chief Ed Welburn put the company's best product foot forward this week by showcasing what the new GM has in store for the American public.

Autoline After Hours co-host Peter De Lorenzo had a chance to talk separately with all three men about where General Motors has been and where its headed in this brave new world.