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Michael Robinet, CSM Worldwide, Steve Finlay, Ward's Dealer Business, Professor Christie Nordhielm

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“'Green' Cross”

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This EXTRA clip is from: “'Green' Cross”

There’s been a lot said lately about what Chrysler has done wrong in the past but not much has been said about what it has done right. On this edition of Autoline EXTRA, John McElroy and his panel discuss what Chrysler does best and also what impact Fiat will have when its products are added to Chrysler’s lineup. The panel also discusses the Chevy volt and whether it’s a good idea for GM to advertise a car you can’t even buy yet. And they also discuss what Chevy must do to get back on its feet. Joining John in the discussion are Michael Robinet from CSM Worldwide, Christie Nordheilm a professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan and author of the book “The Big Picture”, and Steve Finlay from Ward’s Dealer Business magazine.