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Friday, 7/31 @ 12:00pm ET
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  5. EXTRA: Dr. David Cole, Chairman, Center for Automotive Research



Dr. David Cole, Chairman, Center for Automotive Research, Edward Lapham, Automotive News, Tom Krisher, Associated Press. Topic: The latest news on all the automotive turmoil.

It never seems like the Midwest is really rid of winter until, at that first picnic, when you spy the official side dish of summer, coleslaw, sidled up to the burgers, dogs and brats. Likewise, you never quite feel it’s summer in the auto industry until the first of August when the Management Briefing Seminars roll into to Traverse City, Michigan as they’ve done for over 40 years. Still leading that CAR caravan up north is Dave Cole, the Chairman of the Center for Automotive Research, and overall auto industry expert. This week on Autoline he joins John and our panel of Edward Lapham with Automotive News and Tom Krisher of the Associated Press to discuss a variety of topics, including where both General Motors and Chrysler stand after their visit to bankruptcy and how they're handling everything since; the current avenue Ford finds itself navigating with new product and public good will; and the future of the transplants in the North American market as they attempt to balance importing, manufacturing and marketing their products. And of course Dr. Cole also provides us a preview of this year's MBS schedule.