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Nina Beckhardt, President & Creative Director, Namebase

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“Alphabet Soup”

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Friday, 9/18 @ 12:00pm ET
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Sunday, 9/20 @ 10:30am ET
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This EXTRA clip is from: “Alphabet Soup”

Some car names roll easily off the tongue while others can be a mouthful. So what’s the best strategy to go with when naming a car? That’s the topic of discussion on this edition of Autoline EXTRA as John sits down to talk with Nina Beckhardt, the president of Namebase, a company that specializes in naming products, including cars. They discuss what automakers Namebase has worked with and what vehicles they’ve named. The conversation then moves to the importance of having a car name that will not only work in the U.S. but outside of it and also if there are any advantages to changing a name of a vehicle that is already established in the market. Joining John in the discussion are Jean Halliday from Advertising Age magazine and Peter De Lorenzo from