Algae Biofuel

Segment 1 from “Seaweed”

Internet Premiere
Friday, 10/2 @ 4:30pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 10/4 @ 10:30am ET
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  3. Segment 1: Algae Biofuel



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Josh Tickell, Filmmaker, “Fuel”, Jim Hall, 2953 Analytics, Peter De Lorenzo, Topic: Algae biofuel.

Many a boater has cursed that slimy green lake junk wrapped around the prop that killed his engine. But as today's technology continues to improve those curses may soon turn to congratulations when that same lake junk -- seaweed -- is used to power the boat. Of course that power source won't exactly be seaweed, however, it will be coming from the Latin derivative of the word known as algae. Yep, that tiny green chlorophyll organism may be the next best hope to replace petroleum and it's all good with the oil companies. At least that's the contention of the Don Quixote of the biofuels movement, Josh Tickell. You may remember him as the guy who drove the Veggie Van across America in the late '90s bringing attention to the ever-shrinking global reserves of fossil fuels. Well, for the last 11 years he's been making a movie about that very subject entitled "Fuel." And surprise, surprise, his documentary grabbed a big award at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. This week Josh joins John and his panel in studio to discuss all aspects of his film and the future of the fuel that we put in our cars. And that future, Josh contends, is all about algae.