“Mamma Mia” (#1334)

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Friday, 10/9 @ 12:00pm ET
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Sunday, 10/11 @ 10:30am ET
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  3. Segment 1: Volvo's North American Plans



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  5. EXTRA: Doug Speck, Volvo Cars North America



Doug Speck, Volvo Cars North America, David Welch, BusinessWeek, Michelle Krebs, Edmunds.com. Topic: Volvo’s North American plans.

Sweden has never had an export like the band ABBA. And it's not just that first ten year run ('73-'83) of success it enjoyed with all those famous top ten singles. What's most amazing about ABBA is how the band morphed into a brand that has continued to score financially even twenty-five years after the original members officially called it quits. A business plan that Sweden's other major export Volvo can only lust after. A fact not lost on this 82-year old automaker nor its parent -- at least at this point -- Ford Motor Company which put the Swedes on the block in one way or another over two years ago.

And now as its stay in Glass House comes to a close with two bidders fighting over the "Volvo For Life" pedigree, the company is preparing to not only change addresses, but to change face as well. New products linked with a new strategy are, the company hopes, leading the way to new customers. At least that's the plan for this mid-luxury brand according to Doug Speck, president and CEO of Volvo Cars North America. Mr. Speck joins John McElroy and his panel to talk about some of the new products like the well-received XC60 CUV and next year's new flagship sedan the S60 and how he expects they will match up against the competition. He also updates us on the Volvo mantra -- safety -- and how the company intends to stay a step up on everyone, especially since safety plays such a big role in almost all of today's vehicles.