“10%” (#1336)

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Friday, 10/23 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 10/25 @ 10:30am ET
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  5. EXTRA: Bruce Dale, Ph.D., Biofuels Expert, Michigan State University



Bruce Dale, Ph.D., Biofuels Expert, Michigan State University, Tim Higgins, Detroit Free Press, James Amend, WardsAuto.com. Topic: Biofuels.

When most folks see a number like 10% they're receiving a discount on a sale item or reading a nutritional chart at the grocery store. But the number that we're talking about on this week's Autoline is more dramatic, and it has to do with your everyday transportation. When it comes to refining crude oil and turning it into gasoline in this country, the government has strict regulations. And when you start stretching a gallon of gas by adding ethanol -- which we've been doing for years -- you can only go so far...10% so far. Now, that used to be fine as we looked to find alternatives to imported oil, saving a little gas in each gallon, but we need more. We need, our experts have been preaching, to break through the "Blend Wall." That's what the industry calls the government's imaginary line in the corn field, so to speak. Experts say it's time to move beyond that 10%, especially when biofuels are coming from products other than corn. With cellulosic ethanol and other options inching closer each day to becoming viable fuel alternatives, that 10% number, hopefully, may be a thing of the past. So join John McElroy and his panel for an insightful discussion on ethanol, biofuels and the near future for both.