“Nervous System” (#1406)

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Friday, 2/5 @ 2:05pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 2/7 @ 10:30am ET
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Dennis Pietrowski, RDA Group, Jeff Green, Bloomberg News, Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press. Topic: Quality & reliability.

From the stub of a toe to the bite of a mosquito, our bodies rely on a complex network of neurons that tell our brain what's going on. And like our bodies, each car has a pseudo nervous system which controls everything from the steering to satellite radio. For all manufacturers the quality of their cars and the viability of their systems are extremely important. However, for the world's number one automaker Toyota, its been nothing short of the holy grail. Quality and reliability were once the keys to the design, production and selling of its products. But right now several of Toyota's top models are experiencing what could best be parenthetically described as a severe neurological disorder.

This week on Autoline John McElroy examines the latest reliability and quality woes facing Toyota and what some competitors like Ford have been doing to improve its numbers in those categories.