Reinventing SAAB

Segment 1 from “Stop Your Sobbing”

Internet Premiere
Friday, 3/26 @ 2:30pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 3/28 @ 10:30am ET
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Mike Colleran, SAAB, Todd Lassa, Motor Trend, Jeff Bennett, The Wall Street Journal. Topic: Reinventing SAAB.

You may recognize the headline above as a famous '60s song written by the Kinks. However, when GM exited from bankruptcy last year it almost turned that hallowed tune on its head. With brands being jettisoned left and right, "Stop Your SAABBING" -- recorded by Big Ed & The Board -- seemed like the song Detroit was ready to export to Trollhattan, Sweden, home of the iconic motor company SAAB. And as word of its impending doom grew you could practically hear the cries from the Swedish automaker's loyal community for a white knight to save their favorite cars. But instead of resolution came the teeter- totering spectacle where one moment the the brand was saved by some international buyer, while the next the doors were being locked for good.

Yet in the end, Dutch businessman Victor Muller rode in to save the day on a white hand-built Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder and stopped all the potential sobbing with his purchase of SAAB. And now the resurrection begins. But how can a car company that sold less than 9,000 vehicles last year in America be reborn?

For those answers and details on the plan itself join John McElroy and his Autoline panel -- Todd Lassa of Motor Trend and Jeff Bennett from the Wall Street Journal -- as they talk SAAB with Mike Colleran the man in charge.