Automotive Advertising

Segment 1 from “Just Do It”

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Friday, 4/23 @ 3:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 4/25 @ 10:30am ET
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  3. Segment 1: Automotive Advertising


    • Jean Halliday, Advertising/Marketing journalist
    • David Kiley, AOL Autos
    • Gary Topolewski, Advertising creative director
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Jean Halliday, Advertising/Marketing journalist, David Kiley, AOL Autos, Gary Topolewski, Advertising creative director. Topic: Automotive Advertising.

For more than two decades those three words have branded Nike into the public consciousness helping make it the success that it continues to be. Of course having great product didn't hurt, but really, the Wieden and Kennedy advertising team who developed the famous tag line, and subsequent media campaigns, are as responsible as anyone for putting Nike into homes and locker rooms around the world. That's why behind seemingly every successful consumer goods business is an ethos of creative energy -- a team if you will -- that helps sell that product to all of us.

The auto industry is no different. Its storied advertising history is not only well-documented but ingrained in our memories. The problem with that is the "history" part. Some experts believe that automotive advertising sort of flies under the radar these days trying to attract but not offend leaving the pubic many times with nothing more than a milquetoast impression. The question becomes is that the result of an overall strategy or is there something else at work? Are brand issues, globalization or perhaps the financial tumult responsible for this change of style?

This week on Autoline Detroit John McElroy and his panel of experts tackle the ever-changing world of automobile advertising. Joining John to discuss what's been going on and where it all might be headed are advertising journalist Jean Halliday, former ad man turned commentator David Kiley with AOL Autos and an award-winning advertising veteran who is still on the front lines Gary Topolewski.