“The Perfect Marriage” (#1416)

Internet Premiere
Friday, 4/30 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 5/2 @ 10:30am ET
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Jim Hall, 2953 Analytics, Todd Lassa, Motor Trend, Peter De Lorenzo, Autoextremist.com. Topic: Automotive Films.

It happened last century. Way back, nearly a hundred years ago; a union so sweet, so hand-in-glove that to this day many of us still take it for granted. The alliance was a smart, sublime coupling of west coast imagery and Midwest manufacturing yielding the perfect marriage: the mating of cars and movies.

That's right from Laurel and Hardy to Roger and Me, from the Love Bug to Bullitt, celluloid seemed made for our four-wheeled wonders. In fact, if anything its worked almost too well. From the early days of the silent films all the way up to today's 3D digital blockbusters, cars continue to be enormous stars. But with so many movies in the car film universe, whenever you start to pull together your favorites, it's a list that can careen out of control pretty "Fast and Furious." That's why here at Autoline we leave that sort of heavy lifting to the experts. Joining us for Round Two of our Autoline look at history's greatest car films are Jim Hall from 2953 Analytics, Todd Lassa from Motor Trend and Peter De Lorenzo of Autoextremist.com. From racing to comedy to Bond to cult, our panel critiques these great films and tells you why, if you have yet to see some of them, you need to put them on your own personal list.