“Platforms” (#1417)

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Friday, 5/7 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 5/9 @ 10:30am ET
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  3. Segment 1: The Future of Auto Enthusiast Magazines


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Csaba Csere, driverTV.com, Eddie Alterman, Car and Driver, John Neff, Autoblog.com. Topic: The future of automotive enthusiast magazines.

Like many other areas of 21st century life, the publishing world is in an upheaval. Newspapers are consolidating and closing while books are turning into digital devices and music virtually floats around the Internet for free. Yet perhaps the sector with the most on the line is the magazine; those recurrent glossy periodicals that cater to our every interest, taste and whim. The problem is that the magazine audience is getting a little long in the tooth -- to put it mildly -- yielding decreasing sales across the board. And no place is that more evident than with the automotive enthusiast magazine crowd. From Automobile to Car and Driver to Motor Trend to Road & Track, no matter the name, no matter the content, everyone is losing out to the Internet. So the multi-million dollar question is how can these grand old dames of the enthusiast set transfer the magazine experience to a new generation -- one that doesn't so much read information as it does devour it. Well, one answer may be platforms. Creating unique content specifically for a digital device. Of course that's easier said that done because then you still have to have an audience who buys it.

Joining John McElroy to discuss the short and long term future of the automotive enthusiast magazines is a panel who knows the issues first hand. Csaba Csere worked for Car and Driver magazine for nearly three decades leaving as Editor-in-Chief in 2008. Eddie Alterman is charged with facing those challenges today as the current Editor-in- Chief of Car and Driver while John Neff and his popular website, Autoblog.com, is just one of the reasons that the enthusiast crowd is looking for new workable options like platforms.